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Minor Burn Clinic

Flu Shots

Summit Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine is always exc…
X-ray Clinic

Pediatric Care

How many times has your child had a fever or an asthma attac…
biometric screening, urgent care, fayetteville

Annual Checkups & Biometric Screenings

We all know that it’s hard to find time to visit a doctor …
common cold, flu, cough Urgent Care

Coughs, Flu, Colds & Strep

The common cold and flu are the most commonly occurring…
Allergy Clinic


Allergies are usually short-term inflammation to substances …
Walk in Clinic

Drug Screens

We provide drug screens as part of our commitment to occupa…
Sports Physicals

Rapid Return-to-Work Plans

Research shows that an early return-to-work program results …
Flu Testing Clinic

Annual Checkups & Physical Exams

Physical exams are one of the most basic procedures we condu…
Walk in Clinic

On-Site Services

For more than 20 years, we have provided companies througho…
Flu Clinic

Respirator/Fit Testing

A respirator protects the wearer against toxic atmospheres, …
Flu Clinic

Hearing Tests/Audiograms

We perform audiograms (rigorous hearing tests) to assess emp…
STD Clinic

Physical Therapy

We offer physical therapy to your employees to help get them…
STD Clinic

First Aid/CPR Training

Summit Urgent Care offers training to your employees to beco…
Sports Physicals

Sport & Camp Physicals

Every participant in a school sports team and most summer ca…
Occupational Medicine


Lacerations can be unsightly, and, more importantly, painful…
X-ray Clinic


Fever is sudden rise in body temperature accompanied by shi…
X-ray Clinic


A headache is a very common condition that causes pain and d…
Minor Burn Clinic

X-Rays/Broken Bones

Evaluation of most traumatic injuries (falls, car accidents,…
Liability Urgent Care


Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typeset…
Occupational Medicine


Nausea is a feeling of uneasiness in a stomach which occurs …
Muscle strain

Muscle Strains

A muscle pull occurs when your muscle is overstretched or to…
Abrasions, urgent care, clinic, walk in


Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It consists of …
Poison Ivy Care

Poison Ivy/Oak

Poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac all produce an oil …
Sinus infection

Sinus Infections

Sinus is a major health problem. Sinusitis is an inflammatio…
joint pain

Joint Sprains

The most common soft tissue is injured are muscles, tendons …

Skin Infections and Rashes

Rash refers to any sort of skin inflammation and/or discolo…
DOT & Employment Physicals

DOT & Employment Physicals

What are DOT physicals? Federal law requires drivers of comm…
minor burns

Minor Burns

One of the most common house-hold injuries, especially among…

Steroid Joint Injections

Steroids are synthetic drugs that closely resemble cortisol,…
bladder infection

Bladder Infection

Bladder infections are known as cystitis or aggravation of t…
Urgent Care Animal Bites

Animal Bites

Animal Bites are usually not life-threatening, yet in the ev…
Asthma Clinic


Asthma is a long lasting disease involving the lungs. The tu…
Athlete's Foot Care

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot, also called skin infection pedis or si…
Generalized Anxiety Disorder


Anxiety is a general term for a few issue that bring about n…

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