X-Rays/Broken Bones

Minor Burn Clinic

Evaluation of most traumatic injuries (falls, car accidents, limb or joint pain) X-ray imaging is appropriate. Splinting if necessary and appropriate orthopedic referrals.  

Doctors can usually recognize most fractures by examining the injury and taking X-rays. 

Sometimes an X-ray will not show a fracture. This is especially common with some wrist fractures, hip fractures (especially in older people), and stress fractures. In some cases, such as a possible wrist fracture with an initially normal X-ray, your doctor may apply a splint to immobilize the area and order a second X-ray 10 to 14 days later when healing can make the fracture visible. 

If you have fallen, been in an accident, or have any bone or joint pain, come in for an x-ray today.  Summit Urgent Care is convenient and available without an appointment, 7 days a week365 Days a Year! We have locations in East Point, Newnan, East Cobb, Peachtree City and Fayetteville, GA. Servicing the nearby cities of Sharpsburg, Marietta, Roswell, and College Park. Every member of our team has the same patient focus and is dedicated to delivering the best possible care.