Sport & Camp Physicals

Sports Physicals

Every participant in a school sports team and most summer camps require a complete pre-participation physical examination, also called sports physicals.

Sports physicals are recommended for students and adults that are taking part in:

  • School or interleague sports program
  • Club sports teams
  • Summer Camps
  • Fitness Regimens
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A sports physical allows a physician to identify any conditions that might put the athlete at risk or affect their performance. Athletes should have a physical six weeks before the start of the sport season; however this can vary due to changing sport seasons. This timing provides an opportunity to address an existing injury or improve conditioning prior to participation in the activity.

Requirements of sports physicals can vary by city and sport. Be sure to check with your sports program administrator about the necessary requirements, in order to be cleared to participate. We carry most of the necessary forms in our clinics for your convenience.

“Just as professional sports stars need medical care to keep them playing their best, so do teenage athletes. You can give yourself the same edge as the pros by making sure you have your sports physical.”

– Mary Gavin, MD

With extended hours and being open 365 days a year, Summit Urgent Care Clinic makes it easy to receive a sports physical and return to the game. Just walk in.