December 19, 2018 by urgent_care
Biometric screening

  We all know that it's hard to find time to visit a doctor for a regular check-up between work, family and extracurricular activities. This is where a Biometric Screening can make your life easier. It's an easy way to identify health...

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December 19, 2018 by urgent_care
Employment physical

What are DOT Physicals? Federal law requires drivers of commercial motor vehicles (DMVs) to receive regular physical examinations. These exams are defined as the “Department of Transportation Medical Examinations.” DOT physicals are highly regulated for the drivers’ safety. They detect...

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December 19, 2018 by urgent_care
bladder infection

Bladder infections are known as cystitis or aggravation of the bladder. They are more common in women than men. More than half of all ladies get no less than one bladder disease sooner or later in their lives. Nonetheless, a man’s...

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December 19, 2018 by urgent_care
minor burns

One of the most common house-hold injuries, especially among children are burns. Burns are categorized by severe skin damage that causes the affected skin cells to die. Many people can recover from these burns without serious health affects, depending on...

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4.9 stars out of 17,000+ Reviews

My experience with Summit Urgent Care (Fayetteville, GA) was extremely professional and comforting. Needless to say, my emotions were all over the place being my son was sick and I felt helpless. I called to inquire about he operating hours and the calmness and inviting tone of the receptionist gave me comfort as she encouraged me to bring him in for support. From the front desk, nurses (S. Graham), and especially the doctor (Dr. Wendy Russell was extremely patient and soothing with my son. Their professionalism and caring gave me an immediate sense of hope. I am grateful for the experience!
Shannel Jordan
16:00 09 Dec 18
I feel confident coming here. I have been twice in a matter of two weeks, both times the wait was not that long. I am always seen in a timely manner, from signing in, getting vitals, seeing the doctor and being checked out. They answer all of my questions and make me feel more secure about the reason that brought me in.
Kasey Willis
21:30 03 Dec 18
I've been here a few times and all the doctors and PACs have been great. I will say that Dr. Russell is EXCELLENT! She's very thorough and great about explaining your diagnosis and the benefits, as well as side effects, of the medicine(s) she prescribes. She's the first doctor to thoroughly walk me through an x-ray instead of just saying "oh it's fine". I wish she could be my PCP. Very trustworthy and competent doctor.
20:07 27 Nov 18
Where do I start. From the moment I walked in the door to the moment I walked out the service was professional, helpful , informative and downright full of southern hospitality! They don't take Tricare so be prepared for out-of-network cost if you have that insurance. Their medicine is a bit pricey but you pay for what you get in house service - well worth filing in the claim I sure did. Lastly everyone did their job especially triage nurses and the doctor. Hope not to see you again but if I do look forward to your best care
Robert Redford
21:56 26 Nov 18
I had a cold the day after thanksgiving and all clinics had around a 2 hour wait time. We decided to go here and checking in was simple and they were very friendly. The nurse made sure the doctor I saw had all the info they needed, and the tests the ran took no time at all. We were also able to get my prescriptions there instead of waiting, proabably for a long time, at another pharmacy. 10/10 would recommend.
Taylor Schweer
19:09 26 Nov 18
I have visited this facility three times and each time I've had a great experience. The entire team has always been very professional and has provided me with great care. The onsite pharmacy is a great addition and a huge time saver for me.
Michael Bryant
16:52 26 Nov 18
The operations at the clinic are very efficiently run. After filling out the requisite paperwork, I was seen within a few minutes by the staff and only had to wait about 15 minutes to see the doctor, who quickly diagnosed my problem. I was able to purchase the needed antibiotics at the clinic (thereby saving a trip to my pharmacy) and was home shortly thereafter.
Robert Carrion
02:22 13 Nov 18
This is a very efficient urgent care facility. The wait is never long. Every doctor I have seen has been very good about explaining what they are doing, what they find, explaining how they will address my issues, and then allowing me to ask questions. The support staff is also very friendly and courteous.
22:35 07 Nov 18
I can't describe how wonderful and amazing this place is. I had severe abdominal pain, so I went to the one ER in the city and they refuse to do any kind imaging or provide anything that can help with the pain (this was because they had problem verifying my insurance benefits). So I google different ER like facility nearby an came across Summit Urgent Care. They didn't even care that if had insurance or not, and I was seem almost right away (due to severe pain), then I did in the ER. They quickly arranged a CT scan at a near by Outpatient Imaging Center and provided medication as soon as they received the radiologist's report. I can't thank them enough, for helping me during my medical emergency!
Asif Kotadiya
22:01 22 Oct 18
Incredible experience. I was seen immediately by the doctor. She was amazing. She listened and observed and didn’t rush me at all. It was VERY obvious she really cared. And to top things off I was able to get my medicine filled right there!
Ricki Konkel
18:47 16 Oct 18
The service was terrific. I waited no time at all. And to be able to have the prescriptions filled right there on the spot...was beyond convenient. Especially, when they cost the same, as when I have them filled at the drug store. I will be back Summit Urgent Care! Hopefully not soon though!
Sheryl Fody
01:15 16 Oct 18
This was seriously the best urgent care I have ever been to. The front desk was very friendly and welcoming. The wait time was no more than maybe 15 to 20 minutes. Also the staff was very knowledgeable and very professional. I highly recommend this location and it is A good alternative when your normal doctor or pediatrician is closed or Booked.
Kayci Tejada
03:42 03 Oct 18
The ENTIRE staff was so friendly & compassionate! I received quality service from the front door to the exam room! The wait was less than 5 minutes & the service was great! The Doctor was extremely knowledgeable & attentive to my needs. This is a great place to visit!
Training 4MyLife
19:53 18 Sep 18
Nice and clean. I only waited for maybe 5 min before being brought back and seen. Everyone there was very professional and knowledgeable. I had to get stitches in my hand and they did a great job.
Daniel Mullis
19:12 18 Sep 18
I was in to see the PA quite quickly. She was knowledgable and professional. My trouble was quickly diagnosed and medication prescribed. After 3 days, it seems the diagnosis was correct and I am feeling much better.
Stephen Clark
15:48 18 Sep 18
Friendly and professional staff. Doctor was caring and exam was thorough yet quick. Pharmacy service was a real plus since I was alone and having trouble walking. Very quick, even with x-rays and wait for read by radiologist. Definitely will recommend and return!!
Kimber Parotta-Chipman
00:58 11 Sep 18
Great place to go for medical treatment. Staff is very friendly and caring. I will return again for treatment when needed before going to the hospital emergency room. Thank you Summit Fayetteville
Reta Wynn
18:13 07 Sep 18
I was from out of town and needed to find a place quickly. It is one of the nicest facilities I have ever been in and the staff was courteous and quick. Wish Summit Urgent Care was where I live.
d h
17:45 21 Aug 18
Staff was very kind and efficient. There was one doctor on staff, so the wait was a little lengthy, but still way shorter than an ER. They filled one prescription in-house, and told me where to get the second for free. The doctor was very personable, and set me at ease about my daughter's condition. Price was very reasonable for the care given.
Lynette Perry
18:37 16 Aug 18
Really great staff!! Practically no wait time, and they didn't rush with us once we were back. The Dr and nurses that took care of my baby girl were wonderful! Very, very impressed!
Jessica Wright
11:50 17 Jul 18
I was very nervous about my visit but Dr .Wendy Davis Mitchell made me very comfortable. She was the nicest Dr that I could have hoped for. I got lucky and ended up with her both times. Everyone there was just so sweet. Thank you for such a great team.
Patsy Irwin
02:54 26 Jun 18
Staff were professional, with the exception of the gentleman who brought me the discharge paperwork. He had a smart mouth; however, I will not hold his parochial comment that against the rest of the staff. In my opinion, the rest of the staff were great. The visit was brief, but not rushed (loved that). Dr. Russell took time to apprise me of important information, she was very adroit, and she answered my questions. I am health conscious, so the smallest thing will cause me to worry. Dr. Russell's fervent nature was a relief. Based on this experience, I would definitely recommend this facility.
A. D. Mason
02:53 24 Jun 18
By far one of the best experiences I've ever had considering my broken ankle. Absolutely minimal wait times and everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful. The inside was super nice as well. I will definitely be reccomending this if anyone i ever know has to use an urgent care.
Sev Tastic
05:12 15 Jun 18
We were in town visiting family when I needed to visit an urgent care for a small wound to my head. Summit was closer and quicker than visiting the hospital urgent care where we were originally headed. All the Doctors were great and very friendly. Would definitely reccomend again.
Devon Wold
14:33 11 Jun 18
Summit Urgent Care is professional and classy facility. Upon arriving the facility was very clean and the staff were happy and helpful. I was in and out In great timing and pleased with the staff and physician who helped me. If I need to return to an urgent care facility this would be my first choice!
Charmaine Ashley
18:47 08 Jun 18
Awesome! Excellent Service! The staff truly did an amazing job treating my daughter. They made us feel comfortable while we were there and they were very attentive. Wait times were very reasonable.
Latasha Randle
01:01 11 May 18
I was referred to Summit by a friend. Clean, modern facility. Friendly, professional staff. Wonderful doctor. I received much better care than I have ever received from my primary care doctor! It is so worth the slightly higher co-pay. I will not hesitate to use Summit Urgent Care in Fayetteville, GA
Anna Henggeler
17:38 09 May 18
I went at the spur of the moment and it was quick and professional. The doctor and the nurses were very very nice. I would definitely recommend this clinic to others.
Miriam Lucas
13:45 05 May 18
We waited less than 10 minutes on a Saturday morning. The doctor was amazing, she made my son feel comfortable in a scary situation & the nurse that came in to give the medication was great as well. Will definitely be my go to for urgent care. Prayerfully won't need to go back anytime soon but glad to know I can go to Summit.
Tai Robinson
14:34 01 May 18
Very good service. Great communication. Easy access and little wait. I always use this place when I am a little under the weather. Thanks as always to your great staff.
John Lawrence
20:19 23 Apr 18
This is a top notch facility with a very friendly staff. I was very pleased with all the service I received there and they even filled my prescription. The wait time was so short. That is always a plus. Good place with good people.
Donna Bowlden
23:38 29 Mar 18
Great experience! Everyone was very caring and concerned. No one rushed through the visit but took time to understand what was going on and recommended treatment. They even followed up a few days later to see how I was.
Jill Babb
22:07 29 Mar 18
Rushed my daughter there at 8:40 on a Friday night with a softball injury. Great staff! Got us right in! X-rays were taken and we didn’t have a long wait for someone to come back with the results! Sadly her leg was broken so they splinted her up with fantastic care and we were on our way in no time! Everyone we came in contact with were wonderful and extremely caring! I will absolutely go back there again if needed!!!
Beth Walden
23:16 19 Mar 18
We were taken care of very quickly. Convenient, clean and everyone was helpful. Good explanations for procedures and diagnosis. Will definitely go again if the need arises.
21:27 16 Mar 18
Thank goodness for an outstanding, A-1 urgent care facility. Summit Urgent Care is the best! Dr. Wendy Russell and the entire staff were friendly, professional, attentive and efficient. The wait time was so much faster than waiting in a regular emergency room. This is a one stop facility. I was able to see the doctor, get X-ray and pick up my prescription all in a matter of 1 hour and 15 mins. Thank you for such excellent service. Tammy Smith
LIZ Squad
16:03 01 Mar 18
Very attentive staff and good quality care. They addressed concerns and conducted tests to determine the extent of my illness. Turns out the tests showed "Flu-A". They wrote my prescriptions and explained the different treatment options and costs. I recommend you give this urgent care a good look as an option between a primary care Doctor and the ER.
Peter McWilliams
11:18 14 Feb 18
I love this urgent care. The staff's are always friendly and courteous. I never have to wait for a long time. I always get the services that I need whether for me or my daughter. I wish the regular doctors office were as fast and friendly as them. You guys are the best!😊😊😊
Charlene Demonvil
23:39 12 Feb 18
Summit Urgent Care did a terrific job in getting me in and tested for the flu. I think the entire visit took less than an hour. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I really thought Dr. Williams was kind and thorough!
Linda Groce
22:38 09 Feb 18
Clean facility. The temperature wasn't freezing. The wait time was very decent considering it's flu season. They got me out of the waiting room pretty quickly, straight to the X-ray table and a doctor came in and saw me briefly after. This is better than going to the emergency room for minor isaues, in my opinion. About a 2.5 hour visit, that included x-rays, doctor visit, walking shoe (broken toe) and leaving with my prescription in hand, no having to go to the pharmacy afterward.
Jasmine Carter
19:55 01 Feb 18
The nicest staff! From the front desk to Doctor and the awesome nurse in between I felt like I was the only person there. Great care provided. Would definitely return if I had the need. Thanks Summit Urgent Care!
Pam S
13:42 01 Feb 18
The staff at Summit Urgent Care are absolutely incredible and the wait times are not long. The doctor took her time with me and my daughter to ensure we had the best experience possible.The facility is beautiful, clean and welcoming. I truly appreciate the pediatric rooms providing an environment an where small children feel comfortable with a Pixar/Disney Movie playing, fun books and adorable artwork on the walls.Also, they provide the option of filling most prescriptions there on site!
Dara Titus
00:55 25 Jan 18
The wait time was remarkably short and it's one stop shop. Very convenient. I was able to see the doctor and get my prescriptions filled for a low price. Will definitely be using this Urgent care facility again.
Tabatha Blanfort
19:03 22 Jan 18
From check in to check out. The overall experience was awesome. Dr Walter was sensitive to my feelings and the pain I was in. The X-ray tech was quick, and efficient. The front and back of ice staff gets an A+. I would recommend anyone here. Great jobs guys. Valenca S.
Valencia Smith
19:31 18 Jan 18
I went to this Urgent Care for back pain. The wait time was way less than the ER and the nurses and the ER doctor were professional and very nice. I will go back if I have to and would recommend this place. Dr. Wendy Russell was great
Annette Traylor
19:59 06 Jan 18
The wait time was short and the doctor was very thorough. I was very glad that I didn’t have to sit for hours at the emergency room. I appreciate that they had the prescription I needed without me having to track down a 24 hour pharmacy somewhere. I would certainly come back again if needed. Highly recommended.
Donnie Patton
13:40 29 Dec 17
I am very happy with my visit here. The wait time wasn’t long at all. The staff was friendly and orderly! Office environment is clean and very nice. The doctors and nurses both listen and communicate well! I was treated for my illness, and given my medications. I live only 5-6 mins a way and I am so happy I found this facility. No more ER co pays for me! ⭐️great service!
Quintan Johnson
16:34 28 Dec 17
Great experience! Courteous and knowledgeable staff. Well organized and managed. Experience was efficient and pleasant from beginning to end, even at a peak time.
Patrick Nesbitt
16:16 23 Dec 17
Beautiful location and staff. From the front desk to the doctors everyone here is friendly and knowledgeable. I had maybe a 5 minute wait time which was great for a Friday and Dr. Wendy is awesome.
A Peterson
19:06 16 Dec 17
Great experience. This was my second time going to Summitt but my first time at the Fayette location. The staff was very nice and it didn’t take long to be seen. They also have an option to get prescriptions on site. I did not use this option however it is convenient for those who might need that option.
Ebony Cage
19:12 11 Dec 17
I took a gamble with this place because it is in a good area and my biased perspective won! It is the best care I have ever received from any medical facility. The front desk receptionists were very pleasant and comcerned. And all the back of the house staff were just as great. I walked in, got triaged, seen, and received prescriptions all within 30 minutes. Plus, all for pennies compared to what I would have paid in the E.R. I will be back if I ever need. Thank you Summit for such a great experience!!
Stefanie Cooper
15:22 09 Dec 17
Summit Urgent Care is conveniently located and easy to get in and out of without a long wait. The staff is very professional and thorough. They always follow up after the visit. I will definitely be going back.
Elise Kimbell
04:05 28 Nov 17
I had to take my children who are asthmatic in because we were experiencing the start of an asthma attack and no more meds. The doctor was so warm and welcoming. She made us feel as if we knew her. I felt as safe as I feel with my children's pediatrician. I would definitely bring my children in again if I needed to. Awesome service!
vinika mitchell
02:55 28 Nov 17
The BEST experience ever! I went into the Summit Urgent Care - 749 Lanier Ave., Fayetteville. I was very sick when I arrived. I waited less than 5 minutes! The staff is caring and knowledgeable. Dr Wendy Russell was so helpful - she is an outstanding doctor. she explained what was going on with me, explained all the medications, and even called the next day to check on me!
Hydee Griffin
19:50 16 Nov 17
Every time l go they make it a point to make sure I’m happy and taken care of before l leave! I never have a long wait and they are always very helpful! I leave feeling well taken care of and knowing I’ll be feeling much better soon! I’ll gladly continue to drive from McDonough to Fayetteville if it means I’ll get the treatment summit provides!
Amanda Youngblood
20:27 10 Nov 17
I have made 3 or 4 visits to Summit Urgent Care in the last year. I have always been extremely pleased with the care I have received. The actual facility is very nice and clean. The sign in process is fast and the wait times are usually short. I went in one time with more of an emergency case and I was seen immediately. The Urgent Care doctor felt that I needed more care than they could provide and suggested I go to the ER. She explained why and she made the right decision. I appreciated the fact that they did not try to treat an injury that needed to be seen by an orthopedist and a neurosurgeon. For more routine care, I have been extremely pleased with the care provided. The staff members are friendly and very attentive to my needs. I feel that I have always received excellent care.
19:25 09 Nov 17
Great facility! I wish I had known about this sooner. Went in late Friday night with a spider bite which became cellulitis and they treated me promptly. Friendly staff, great doctor and clean, well equipped facility. I would highly recommend!
Tamara Gomez
10:13 18 Oct 17
Went in with my two kids. All three of us were sick. Acute bronchitis for me. They were fast, caring and thorough! Great experience!! Super clean facility and professional staff! Dr. Russell was awesome! My kids even received toys for their visit out of a prize box.
Lesley Kirk
18:20 29 Aug 17
The staff at Summit are awesome. Unfortunately I've to visit them about 4 times in the past month or so. Once with arthritis in my lower back, they were quick to treat me and give relief.Recently I was diagnosed with Pneumonia. They showed extreme concern for me. Gave me an Injection to speedier relief. Follow up was done and thankfully I'm better.The wait time is virtually nothing. Staff is extremely professional, caring and knowledgeable.
carl haord
23:30 05 Jul 17