December 19, 2018 by urgent_care
tetanus vaccination

Tetanus is a serious, but rare condition caused by bacteria getting into a wound.   How you get Tetanus Tetanus is caused by bacteria called Clostridium Tetani. These bacteria can survive for a long time outside the body, and are...

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December 19, 2018 by urgent_care

The most effective way to prevent infection and severe outcomes caused by viruses is vaccination. It is important for people at higher risk of serious influenza complications, and for people who live with or care for high risk individuals. Vaccines...

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December 19, 2018 by urgent_care
Fayette County Urgent Care

87% of employers report that sick employees who show up to work are suffering from short-term illnesses such as a cold or flu, which can be easily spread. This cuts company productivity substantially. Flu season can occur as early as...

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4.9 stars out of 17,000+ Reviews

When I arrived no one was waiting, so after filling out the entry form I only needed to wait 5 or so minutes before a nurse took me back and interviewed me. I ended up speaking with a Physicians Assistant for a total of 20 minutes or so over the next hour or so. They were able to run a test then and there and provide results. Ultimately I was diagnosed with gastroenteritis and given a very cheap prescription to help.Everyone was very nice, the facility was extremely clean and with fancy big screen TV's everywhere, and I never felt rushed through the appointment.
Ben Reese
14:56 10 Dec 18
Great place, clean facility and friendly staff. Dr. Moore was very attentive and made me very comfortable. She’s awesome, I’d recommend everyone to go there. The best urgent care I’ve ever been to and would drive to go back to. My new place!
Kunterza Griffin
20:11 29 Nov 18
My experience at this facility was excellent! The staff was extremely professional and thorough. They kept me informed of the process throughout the visit and also followed up with me by phone to advise me of test results and ask if I needed anything else. The facility is clean and modern. I was seen promptly, however, that may have been because I was there shortly after they opened for the day. Would not hesitate to use Summit Urgent Care again.
Karen Holliday
03:36 27 Nov 18
Have visited this location multiple times for myself and my child and the staff has always been extremely helpful, kind, and professional. They always call us back quickly and have us in and out in no time at all. The last thing you want to do when you are sick is to wait and wait, and this never happens here! The waiting area and patient rooms are very clean. Also, someone from the office always calls to follow up in a week or two. Cannot say enough good things!
Autumn Payne
14:29 26 Nov 18
Was seen right away, it was a flawless experience. Needed an X-ray and that was in the building, talked to the Doctor and bought the drugs she recommended on site. Everything was right there and the staff was very professional. All this and I did it after work with no appointment so I didn't miss any time. Great job
Bill Kurtz
08:57 21 Nov 18
We visited the Summit Urgent Care Center today, and the service was excellent! We didn't wait long either. The doctor on call was friendly, extremely thorough, and knowledgeable. We left feeling confident that my son's medical issue was adequately investigated and diagnosed properly. This was by far the best urgent care center I've visited!
Dana R Wilson
01:15 01 Nov 18
Had a great experience on a day I felt terrible from a cold. The whole staff was professional and efficient in getting me treated as quickly as possible. My PA, Jason, was empathetic and listened to my concerns and questions. I have already recommended this Urgent care to friends and family.
ed richardson
20:44 29 Oct 18
From the moment I entered until the time I departed this Urgent Care clinic, I was very well cares for. The staff were all extremely accommodating and tended to my injury with concern and excellent care. While I hope not to have to go back soon (for another injury) I would recommend this Urgent Care Clinic to anyone looking for responsive care and wonderful customer service!
Kevin Jones
14:29 25 Oct 18
I can't describe how wonderful and amazing this place is. I had severe abdominal pain, so I went to the one ER in the city and they refuse to do any kind imaging or provide anything that can help with the pain (this was because they had problem verifying my insurance benefits). So I google different ER like facility nearby an came across Summit Urgent Care. They didn't even care that if had insurance or not, and I was seem almost right away (due to severe pain), then I did in the ER. They quickly arranged a CT scan at a near by Outpatient Imaging Center and provided medication as soon as they received the radiologist's report. I can't thank them enough, for helping me during my medical emergency!
Asif Kotadiya
22:01 22 Oct 18
Wait time was less than 10 minutes at around 3pm. Doc was super sweet and listened to my issues. I felt so safe and cared for. Awesome experience!
Kimie D
18:20 16 Oct 18
The staff is friendly. I did not have to wait long to be seen. It was very clean. They even called me a few days later to make sure I was feeling better.
Kyra Robinson
12:45 15 Oct 18
Front staff was nice and easy to work with. I was seen in a timely manner and everyone from the nurses to the physician were friendly and professional. If I can’t get in to see my PCP, I would come here. The building and exam rooms were clean and kept neat. I don’t normally like urgent cares, but this one was great!
Elizabeth Berry
19:44 04 Oct 18
The waiting area and the whole office was very clean. I was taken back very quickly. I was seen by Dr. Moore and she was very thorough. She addressed all of the symptoms I was worried about. She and the staff were very caring. It was one of the best experiences that I have had at an urgent care facility.
Renee Dillard
16:52 04 Oct 18
Doctor quickly recognized my son's lower abdominal pain as possible appendicitis. Recommended we go directly to hospital. Called ahead to Children's Hospital of Atlanta, where they were expecting us as we arrived. After confirming the diagnosis, they scheduled appendectomy the next morning. We always receive great care when we visit Summit Urgent Care of Peachtree City. Thank you!
Scotty Bearden
15:38 02 Oct 18
Summit Urgent Care was clean, well-decorated, and the doctors and nurses super friendly. I couldn't get in to see my primary care physician about a back issue I was having, and went to Summit for help. Service was quick, and the atmosphere was fantastic. Will definitely go here again should the need arise.
Sam Beck
19:28 25 Sep 18
I am so thankful this location opened up. It has been such a relief to be able to count on getting medical help quickly instead of being put on a waitlist at a primary care facility. The staff has ALWAYS been pleasant, patient and remarkable at their jobs.
Regina Dawson
21:17 20 Sep 18
Very reasonable wait time. Caring and attentive staff. Clean and welcoming environment. Dr Jodi Vann was thorough and helpful.
Charleen Smith
23:12 10 Sep 18
Love this place! The staff is ALWAYS proffessional and friendly, the Dr's are legit! Not just trying to get you out as fast as they can. They take time to look at your med history and solve the issue in a way that best suits you!
Kristi Thompson
18:59 10 Sep 18
They are ALWAYS nice and greet you with a smile😇 They have a VERY clean facility, ALWAYS fast to get you triaged and in a room. All the doctors are kind and very thorough. I choose to bring my kids here because they always get them well and me too when I need to come in. Thank you for being the best Urgent Care I have ever been too! I can't say enough good things about this care center
Lisa Wells
13:24 17 Aug 18
Very efficient, courteous, patient oriented. Just a good experience. PS - You may want to make 5+ parking spots out front available for your patients. I almost drove by thinking you were packed with patients.
Mark Reczek
18:03 13 Aug 18
Had to visit on a Sunday afternoon to have a fishing treble hook removed from my left foot. Responsive, courteous staff offered more help than I would accept. I was in and out in less than an hour even though this was my first time using them. They kept me informed of what they were doing and made sure that I was comfortable with the pain (or lack thereof) as they performed the procedure. Two thumbs up! However, I hope that I will never need to use them again for a hook in the foot.
Brian Pace
21:22 06 Aug 18
I have been 3 times to this location. First time was awesome. Loved the doctor - full of energy and smiles. Second time, I called to make sure they were open as I was coming from out of town. Said they closed at 8 not exceptions. So I hustled and pulled up at 7:56. As I was getting out of the car, I saw them walk to door and lock it. They wouldn't look up when i went to the door. I had to drive another 20 min to Newnan after being in the car for 5 hours. Third time, was good. In quickly and satisfied. The doctor was not full of personality but professional so no complaints.
Patti Reynolds
20:22 02 Aug 18
Friendly staff and doctor that saw me. Dr Moore was awesome and helpful in attempting to remove a small piece of metal from my eye. She was able to remove half as the other half was embedded. She recommended me to Thomas eye group in newnan ga where Dr brown did an amazing job at removing the remaining piece and the rust in my eye.
00:18 28 Jul 18
This facility surpassed every expectation! They were professional, prompt and got to the bottom of my health issue. Highly recommend! So glad they are here and soooo convenient. Thank you Dr. Moore, Gretchen, and the rest of your team.
Suzanne Maiden
17:01 26 Jun 18
We have been to Summit Urgent Care in PTC a few times now and have nothing but wonderful experiences with ALL of the staff. The facility is spotless, and the care we have received has been great. We experienced the "pediatric" room for the first time last night. Not only was the physical who treated my son very kind & professional, but the kids' movie playing in the room and the creative, modern photography on the walls were super cute and kid-friendly.
Blakeley Clark
18:26 16 May 18
Very quick service. I was in an out this last visit within 30 minutes total. Most other urgent care centers, you're waiting for 2-3+ hours. I also really like that they have medications on site so you don't have to drive and wait another hour at a pharmacy. I've been here three times now, and each time has exceeded my expectations.
Mitch Birnbaum
18:16 14 May 18
Everyone was very thorough and pleasant. The doctor took the time to go over everything and was compassionate. Typically this is not the case at most urgent care facilities.
Nathan Klein
13:09 12 May 18
We are new in the area and don’t have a doctor yet. I Took my son for sinus infection, and I have never experienced a more efficient office visit. The place is clean and the care was superb. Especially convenient to get our prescriptions filled there before we left.
Jill Martin
18:41 06 May 18
I had smashed my finger in the front door. When the bleeding didn't stop on it's own, I knew I had to get medical attention. I went to one Urgent Care place and it wasn't open at 8:30 in the morning (which doesn't seem very urgent to me). I fount Summit was open and took my insurance. The check-in process was quick and I was back in to see the doctor before I knew it. Fortunately, I didn't need stitches...just glue and steri-strips. I really appreciated the wound care paperwork I was given, to help me remember the doctor's instructions. The office was well-organized, clean and had an air of openness that helped ease any anxiety about needed urgent care in the first place.
Linda Stark
21:56 02 May 18
Very professional, great customer service, very attentive to patient, very short wait time to see doctor, was in & out in less than an hour with prescriptions to get me to feeling better. thanks for checking up to see how I was doing too. Excellent!
Jeffrey Mustang7
06:44 29 Apr 18
I had a great visit. The wait took a little bit, however they were busy and others were more sick than I was, at the time. It was an understandable wait. The nurse kept me informed of my wait. She even brought me some water. The doctor was very nice and professional. I have never had a bad experience.
Angie Klett
20:20 23 Apr 18
Very quick, excellent patient care, friendly staff. Caring nurses and doctors. Great facility, I would definitely go back if needed (hopefully not!!) Highly recommend.
Elaine Renard
14:05 19 Apr 18
I would recommend Summit Urgent Care. My recent visit was outstanding. I was greeted by caring and very efficient workers. My wait time was less than 5 min. They even called a few days later to check on me.
Delores Wright
21:22 17 Apr 18
This place was great! Had me back to see a PA quickly and didn't wait long in the room. Very nice. I highly recommend.
Lisa Curtis
18:52 29 Mar 18
Highly recommend this Urgent Care! Very clean & the decor made it seem like I was walking into a spa ~welcoming experience! Staff was very friendly & efficient intake process. I went on Sunday morning at 820am; took less than 10 minutes to be seen by the nurse practitioner!
19:03 19 Mar 18
Great experience even while sick. I was seen rather quickly (5 min.) but I did go in the middle of the week and in the morning. The staff were very kind and helpful. I was tested for the flu and diagnosed fast. I purchased the meds I needed there at the office. The other medication they were out of. Nevertheless, 5stars!
Gina Renwick
02:50 03 Mar 18
Dr Walters was awesome. The staff were very friendly. In and out in under an hour. Feeling better already. Will definitely return when needed.
Patty Mcdaniel
00:27 28 Feb 18
Came in on a Sunday morning around 830. Receptionist was friendly and efficient. Wait time was minimal. I came in for a broken finger. From processing to walking out the door, total 23 minutes. I did not feel as though they were rushing me or giving less than stellar service. Highly recommend.
theresa king
20:19 19 Feb 18
AMAZING Urgent Care! I came in this morning and the staff/doctors are very friendly and caring. I was diagnosed (also given a steroid shot) and they even filled my prescriptions here ALL in about 35 minutes! My family will definitely be returning if any of us need urgent care attention in the future.
Dan/Christy Porteous
13:31 18 Feb 18
We were seen quickly and they did a great job putting my 2 year old daughter at ease when we went in for a UTI. They got back with me promptly about lab results. Everyone was friendly and professional
Bethany Swift
21:25 16 Feb 18
Great place, very clean and new, came on a Sunday afternoon with the Flu and were in and out in 45 minutes. Doctor was very attentive. Great new addition to Peachtree City!
19:05 12 Feb 18
Every single staff member was compassionate and caring. The wait time was nearly non-existent. Extremely clean and and I was treated with the utmost respect and listened to for my opinion and input as to what course of care I felt comfortable with.
Jenna Graham
13:05 08 Feb 18
Very pleased with the service! Will definitely recommend to others. Very clean with prompt service and a smiling face when you walk in the door. Great staff.
Traci Worley
19:18 05 Feb 18
I came in filled out all the paperwork required was accurately diagnosed and treated. I had 2 prescriptions filled on site. All this took about an hour. I was very satisfied and will go to Summit urgent care again.
Leonard Ball
19:18 25 Jan 18
The staff at Summit Urgent Care are absolutely incredible and there was a minimal weight time. The doctor took her time with me and my daughter to ensure we had the best experience possible and provided us with wonderful care.The facility is modern, beautiful, VERY CLEAN and welcoming. I truly appreciate the pediatric rooms providing an environment where small children feel comfortable with a Pixar/Disney Movie playing, fun books and adorable artwork on the walls.
Dara Titus
00:59 25 Jan 18
Very nice, clean, relaxing environment. Wait time was really short, even once I got to a room. I was diagnosed with the flu and on my way with a prescription in no time. My husband went later that day with the same symptoms and was also diagnosed with the flu and out very quickly. I will definitely go back there in the future if needed.
Nicole Douglas
22:48 23 Jan 18
LOVED this office, staff, doctor, everyone involved. Very professional and friendly at the same time. The ONLY complaint I could have would be the wait time after being put in the room...but even that wasn’t as long as some doctor’s offices. I have chronic sinus issues, but couldn’t get in to see my ENT for a week. If that situation arises again, you can be sure, I’ll be going to Summit PTC!!
Sandy Smith
16:16 23 Jan 18
Great doctors, PAC's, and staff. If they hadn't called me on a follow-up, I wouldn't have thought about going back in and my condition could have gotten much worse. Super friendly and they genuinely care.
cs walk
19:06 20 Jan 18
My daughter was seen very promptly upon arriving one Saturday morning. Friendly staff who was incredibly patient with her. Excellent service!
Michelle Konwick
20:43 18 Dec 17
This was one of the best experiences I have ever had at an urgent care location. The front desk staff were efficient and friendly, I was seen promptly and treated with respect the entire time. I can't say enough about their service and professionalism.
Cindy Schneider
15:05 15 Dec 17
My daughter suffered from laceration on her chin. Called ahead to see if they treated children very courteous and once arrived was pleased with service. No wait and was out within 30min. Great doctor and nursing staff as well as office staff. I'm sold on this place from now on. Amazing.
John Masson
21:02 12 Dec 17
I walked to into the clinic. The entire visit went well. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I would definitely return if I am need of medical assistance in the future.
Glenties Jacobs
19:20 01 Dec 17
Great pretty new facility. Friendly and professional staff. Went on a Sunday afternoon and was in and out in under an hour. Will definitely go back.
Kerri Taylor
20:54 27 Nov 17
Quick check in process, calming ambiance, very helpful front desk staff. Short wait time from front to patient room. LPN was very friendly and professional. The wait time from vitals to Dr coming in was about 15 minutes. Doctor was very friendly and knowledgeable, took her time to listen and educate. Overall a pleasant experience for an unpleasant reason. I would recommend this location to anyone in the area.
Kasey Lehn
02:43 02 Nov 17
Fast, easy and great staff. The doctor here will listen like you are a client not a patient. That’s what makes them so different than others.
Clay Wallace
19:18 25 Oct 17
This was my first time to the Summit and I figured I would be there a while. Not so. I went in with workmans comp injury. I was in and out within about an hour. Everyone doing there jobs. Some helped others. Thank you Summit for being there when I needed an after hours physician.
lori smelser
20:42 07 Oct 17
If I am sick I go to the Summit. The entire staff is friendly, professional, effective and efficient. You are in good hands when you walk in the door. They respect your time and want you to get well. The PA who treated me was great! She was very friendly and professional. She listened to me, then asked good questions to find out what l needed. I got the meds there too. Also, they saved my friends' life a few years ago when he was having a heart attack but didn't know it. 5 Stars!
b h
02:00 26 Sep 17
Summit is such a wonderful facility! They stay well staffed so I’ve never had to wait long and it is such a clean office. My husband, myself, and our infant son have all been seen at Summit and were well taken care of. We always refer our friends and family to them anytime they need to see a doctor quickly.
Sandy Miller
18:15 25 Sep 17