December 7, 2019 by urgent_care

According to the CDC, the most effective way to prevent the flu is getting a flu vaccine. Summit Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine is always excited to offer Flu Shots. Whether you need flu shots for your family, business or...

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December 7, 2019 by urgent_care

Summer is here and it's time for cookouts, going to the lake and getting lots of sun and Vitamin D. Being outside in the summer is great when you take the steps to keep you and your family safe. Here...

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December 7, 2019 by urgent_care
healthy diet

The summer is the perfect time not only to shed some layers of clothing but also to shed some pounds. It's a common time for people to start diets, whether it be to look good on the beach or just...

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December 7, 2019 by urgent_care
Dietary Clinic

High carbs or low carbs? High fat or low fat? We hear so much about the foods that will help us lose weight, but starving our bodies can be just as bad as the alternative. It’s important to find foods that are filling, nutritious but...

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4.9 stars out of 17,000+ Reviews

Superb service like I've never experienced. My wife and I were visiting from out of town and they took care of me with genuine care. Amazing experience thanks a lot guys your the best!
Robert Heale
03:07 03 Dec 19
The visit was great. Wish I had went there first went to ER two before I visit them. I was given a complete checkup. They were very caring and took good care of me. They responded with a phone call to see how I was doing. Just love them.Barbara Lattimore
Barbara Lattimore
03:58 27 Nov 19
My daughter had flown from California for the holidays, and texted me from the terminal that she was throwing up so much she couldn’t leave the restroom. It was 8:00 pm and I started looking for an urgent care near the airport. The first one I called said that if it should turn out she needed fluids they wouldn’t be able to help her, and told me to take her to an ER. I called Summit, And they were Set up to give her fluids if necessary but where willing to evaluate her regardless. They were only open until nine, and we got there after 830. They got her in quickly, gave her a shot to help with the nausea immediately, And filled both of the prescriptions they wrote for her - for $10 each and a $10 copay for the visit.Even though we were there right at closing, they were friendly, helpful, and just all-around awesome to deal with. They made her car ride home bearable. I recommend them without hesitation – great place.
Fran Irwin
21:56 25 Nov 19
This place was great - felt more like a private doctor’s office than Urgent Care. I was seen fairly quickly, and the staff were all super courteous and friendly. The Doctor was amazing as well. I would definitely recommend.
Ginghi Clarke
14:36 20 Nov 19
I felt terrible recently and barely made it to the urgent care! Lord they were Amazing, patient calm and professional I absolutely loved it. I felt almost 70% better in less then 1 hour. Please keep up the constant good work!
Carmen Adcock
22:22 08 Nov 19
I was very satisfied with the care I received. The staff was courteous from the time I entered the doors until leaving. I was seen within 15 minutes after intake information. The nurse, after hearing my complaints, took the time to explain her initial exam and the types of questions related to my complaints. Dr. Morgan was not rushed, he listened to my concerns, told me things to do to help my health and comforted my fears so I wouldn't go into panic mode. A+ bedside manners.
Joyce Rance
21:50 04 Nov 19
First time going to this urgent care center and even though I hope I do not have the need to go again, if I do, it has to be this place. All the staff that I dealt with was awesome! They earned a 5 star rating! No waiting time even though I wasn't the only one at the office. They all showed compassion and respect. They worked as a team, and they were equipped with everything needed to take care of me. Thank you!!!
Annette Acevedo
19:47 11 Oct 19
Because this was my first visit, I honestly thought this would be a long drawn out visit but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did they get me in to see the doctor is a timely matter (On a Saturday afternoon), the entire staff was very nice and helpful. Thank you very much !!!
Makala McGlockton
18:43 07 Oct 19
The care and compassion I received during my visit was second to none! I had been suffering with nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain for 3 days. Within an hour of my visit, I felt 70% better. I will definitely be referring friends and family to this facility.
Charla Jacobs
18:21 27 Sep 19
Excellent care. Staff is polite. Wait times aren't bad. And they have been great with calling me back for results. Best urgent care facility I've ever been to.
Cory Estioko
15:36 24 Sep 19
Had to take my toddler here when he had a high fever over the weekend. Everyone was very friendly and they got us in and seen very quickly! Huge bonus to being able to get his prescription right there. Definitely will go back if needed.
Ashley Epstein
18:54 03 Sep 19
Amazing staff. The best urgent care facilities that I've ever been to. Thank you so much for your interest in my well being Summit And Care.
Iam Beautiful
07:03 29 Aug 19
Such an amazing place! My daughter went in for a last minute physical and was out in less than an hour. It would’ve taken nearly three ours at her pediatrician. The nurse was very attentive and caring! She did more for my daughter in one hour than her regular pediatrician did in 15 years! The people working here actually value their job and are not just coming to work for a check. Although you have to pay for services they are more than happy to give you a referral for new doctors. If you ever need anything in a pinch, please go here! You won’t regret it.
Tyler Bryant
19:11 23 Aug 19
I was feeling awful and after several visits with my primary care and no relieve I decided to go to an urgent care. Oh my goodness I feel 100% better. I can sleep without coughing all night. The facility is clean! The PAs and other practitioners are very knowledge. The wait time was less than 20 mins. Amazing facility exceptional service. Thank you for making me feel better!
Sandra S.
02:53 14 Aug 19
The PA Lynn was super friendly and my son really liked her. I've never had a bad experience coming to this location.
Selelia Williams
18:05 06 Aug 19
Staff greeted me promptly upon entering. I was seen in a reasonable time and was given excellent care and attention. Questions were answered and treatment explained in detail.
Andrea Ruffin
01:14 24 Jul 19
Went here with my 3year Old who needed stitches. Dr. Wanda was AMAZING!!! She gave my baby 2 stitches in his mouth WHILE HE SLEPT IN MY ARMS! She was caring and attentive! So happy that I can depend on my local Urgent Care for great service.Service was thorough and professional.
Rae Ransom Coleman
10:31 23 Jul 19
This was my first experience at any urgent care center. I was skeptical and really didn't want to go, but I needed to get some medical attention on a Sunday. It was a swift process and even included medication — I didn't have to run to a pharmacy, everything was done there. I was impressed. I will definitely come again if another urgent care matter needs to be taken care of.
Millisa Jackson
18:21 22 Jul 19
Great and quick service. I was in a lot of pain and they saw me quickly. Definitely recommend for urgent service.
Tramaine Brathwaite
19:07 16 Jul 19
I am always so pleased with the service and staff of Urgent Care East Point. They make you feel very important and are very concerned with your welfare and good health. I hope I don't have to go again, but if I need emergency medical attention it will be Urgent Care of East Point.
Melinda Pruitt
09:03 21 May 19
This place is just plain fantastic. They're quick, knowledgeable and nice. If you have insurance, you'll usually only have to pay for meds that are relatively cheap and many are given right there at the hospital. If you don't have insurance, it'll cost $100 to get in the door, which is still relatively cheap. I've gone a few times for flu, nausea and head cold and I always end up getting what I need. By the next day I usually feel at least 50% better. This is by far one of the best urgent care centers you can find.
Sammy R.
19:40 07 May 19
arrived between 2-3pm on a Tuesday afternoon. Very fast triage and medical evaluation. Everyone was very friendly and customer service is the utmost importance. I would definitely go back again
Nadia Barnett
20:57 24 Apr 19
The staff there were very caring. They made sure that I was taken cared of before I left. The doctors and nurses had a pleasant disposition. They were so nice I would recommend everyone if you want proper care come here. Thanks!
Kim Davis
20:53 24 Apr 19
Whole family has been going there for years and we've never been disappointed. I recommend friends of friends that live on the north side of Atlanta and they come down to Summit and love it. My daughter was diagnosed this week with a rare bacteria from a cat scratch that caused her lymph nodes to swell and only an experienced doctor could have figured that out by eye. I went to Summit Wednesday and Doctor Moon gave me some shocking information noone else has all these years that explains why I snore, and quickly gave me a referral to a specialist. Why didn't my PCP notice I have the slightest idea. I can't say enough of how professional they are.
11:24 19 Apr 19
The waiting room is comfortable and inviting. The team from check in to check out was phenomenal. Please keep up the good work!It's so reassuring when an office is professional and hospitable such as everyone was here.
Lili Rey
17:01 05 Apr 19
Everyone was very nice and helpful. The facility is very clean and organized. I will return and also recommend to friends and family
tera hill
19:56 01 Apr 19
I had a very pleasant experience at Summit Urgent Care. My wait time was less than 30 minutes at 5 PM on a Thursday. The front desk staff, clinic tech, lab tech, P.A. all were very friendly, empathetic and attentive to my needs. I am so glad I was able to get in and be taken care of at this location which was very convenient for me. I have added Summit to my care team and "go to" facility for my non emergency needs. Thanks for all you do at Summit Urgent Care!!
Shari Simpson
22:49 29 Mar 19
I have been twice. Great staff. The Dr that I've seen on both occasions was Dr. Moon. He was attentive, but it may be hard to understand him at times because of his accent. I'd go again. Great hours too!
Sonya Weaver
04:11 07 Mar 19
Very thorough. I've been there several times and received excellent care each time. Nice staff too.
Janice Phillips
01:07 20 Mar 18
I am so grateful that I didn't have to go to the ER and spend millions. Despite the fact that I arrived minutes from the closing time they were smiling, friendly and made me feel safe. Thank you so much for the great experience .
Annatou T.D.
19:49 09 Mar 18
My entire family has been treated at Summit Urgent Care and we've all received excellent service. There are several alternatives in the area but I wouldn't consider going anywhere else. Keep up the great work!
Kai Carroll
23:12 01 Mar 18
I went in on a Friday afternoon, the office was packed with people with various illnesses, looking like mostly flu. The front desk associates were very professional and pleasant. They answered all questions and exhibited a pleasant attitude. I was seen by very professional and pleasant people, overall great experience.
21:38 12 Feb 18
I always have a very good experience whenever I have to visit Summit Urgent Care.Starting with the Front desk down to the Doctors. Everyone is friendly and they know there stuff. What I really like is they give you a call a few days later to see how your feeling.Most of your traditional Doctor offices don't do that. It's convenient because you can get your prescriptions filled there as well. As long as they have it in stock. For the most part they will. Thanks Summit Urgent Care. For providing me with excellent health care needs.😊☺🙂🤗
S Gaines
20:38 02 Jan 18
Awesome place! I was out of town working and became very sick, unable to get to my primary care physician I visited this Urgent Care. The doctor, nurses, and staff where wonderful! I also was grateful for the on-site Pharmacy preventing me from having to wait for my prescriptions elsewhere. Definitely recommend this
23:17 05 Dec 17
I was cared for in a very professional and courteous way. I am better now as a result of my one visit to them. And they got their own pharmacy!!
18:28 05 Dec 17
Everyone was very friendly. I was seen right away. The doctor was nice and patient. My prescriptions were filled on site. The whole process took less than an hour but was not rushed.
Jasmine Skye
17:36 29 Nov 17
I have visited this location several times and the staff is always prompt, professional, and courteous. When I can’t get to my doctor’s office, this is the first place I consider. They do a great job of taking care of their patients.
Barrye Wright
01:03 14 Nov 17
My experience coming to this facility was wonderful. I woke up to my daughter having pink eye on a sunday and I had work and she had school I did not want either of us to miss work or school. we went in and were seen immediately. We were greeted at the front desk by two friendly faces and the entire staff was very friendly. I couldn't have asked for a better experience on such a crazy day. It was the BEST!!!
Shari Bennett
19:47 13 Nov 17
Great service and quick too. Was in and out in less than 45 minutes. Dr. Moon very friendly and knowledgeable. Front desk efficient and friendly. Will definitely be back if I need medical care in the future.
paul wagner
19:21 06 Nov 17
From the time that I walked into the door, every person that I encountered with was professional and very friendly! The wait time to see a provider was extremely short, only waiting about 15 minutes to see the provider after arrival. I truly appreciated the provider's sensitivity for being a self paying patient by balancing the care that I needed with cost. It was a very pleasant experience and if I am ever in the need for care, I will make this location the first stop!
Crystal Wilson
21:26 20 Sep 17
I had to visit Summit Urgent Care for the first time today (11-10-16). I must say it was truly refreshing to be treated with kindness. Jackie and Dr. Moon were so nice. I wish every health care facility could have care takers like this.07/20/17 and 07/22/17I had to visit Summit Urgent Care again 7/20/17 and 7/22/17. Let me say this, it is so wonderful, to go to a facility that is professional, kind and thorough. On 7/20/17 I saw Dr. Jason who was very thorough and so caring he made me feel cared for. He did such a thorough examination to see what was going on with me. He took his time and did not rush. He expressed his concerns and showed how much he does care. Also, nurse Jackie came in and was her usual sweet self. On 7/22/17 I had to return and I saw Dr. Annie who is so, so, nice and knowledgeable, too.No one wants to be sick, but when it occurs, I recommend Summit Urgent Care the place where doctors care!
Cynthia Rouse
00:44 23 Jul 17