Mayo Clinic Study

Thank you for your interest in donating blood for research leading to an effective treatment for seriously ill patients with the Coronavirus-19 virus (COVID-19).  Summit has set up a process to screen our COVID-19 positive patients for referral into this very important research study. 

The immediate goal of this COVID-19 research is to 1) determine if the blood plasma can improve the chance of recovery for people with the most severe disease (on ventilators) 2)  determine if convalescent plasma can keep moderately ill patients from becoming severely ill.


  1. COVID positive status
  2. free of COVID symptoms
  3. donor is otherwise healthy  (chronic medical conditions are stable)
  4. meet usual screening criteria for volunteer blood donation

If interested, patients may click the link to the JotForm and fill out pertinent information and a staff member will reach out shortly to get you set up.

Link to JotForm:

Thank you for your interest!