Peachtree City Urgent Care

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Peachtree City Urgent Care
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JR R. Avatar
1 year ago - Google

We were seen quickly and greeted with care from the moment we walked in the door. We were able to get our meds there for the amount of my copay. And if that’s not enough they TEXT me to check on my son recovery. I hope to not need you again but if/when we do, I will not hesitate. Amazing staff, service and clean facility!!

Adam W. Avatar
Adam W.
1 year ago - Google

Friendly staff, short wait, thorough examination.

Val H. Avatar
Val H.
1 year ago - Google

Got in quickly and didn't hardly wait anytime. Debated on calling my primary dr. as I was sick. Decided I didn't want to be worked in on their schedule. Chose Urgent care and was called back within 10 minutes.

Amanda N. Avatar
Amanda N.
1 year ago - Google

I was in and out very quickly and the staff was wonderful.

Jenny P. Avatar
Jenny P.
1 year ago - Google

The doctor and staff are incredibly patient, kind and extremely organized.

Liz M. Avatar
Liz M.
1 year ago - Google

I had a great experience on Monday. The doctor that I saw really took the time to listen to me and my concerns, and it meant a lot. Sometimes when you don’t feel well and see a doctor and tell them you have “researched” your symptoms, they tend to blow you off. This was not the case when I was at Summit. I cannot thank them enough for HEARING what I was saying, and for genuinely being concerned about my overall health. I will definitely recommend Summit to everyone I know!

Kerry H. Avatar
Kerry H.
1 year ago - Google

I walked in and the staff was very friendly and helpful right up front. The wait was not long considering the time of the year. Once I was taken to the back everybody was friendly and very understanding. I LOVED the Doctor. I would recommend this location

Angela B. Avatar
Angela B.
1 year ago - Google

The office space was really nice for a doctor's office. It felt clean and didn't feel dingy. I didn't have to fill out a lot of paper work, they offered water and the service was quick. Overall experience was great. Only thing I didn't like was the religious/christian music playing in the waiting room.

April Avatar
1 year ago - Google

Every staff member that I came in contact with including Dr. Moore was AWESOME! The check in process is so "new age" and not outdated with paper! My wait time after checking in was about 8 assessment time about 5-8 min...waited in the Dr in the room abt 2min and out abt 15-18 min after that. I was also glad that I was able to have my prescription filled at the same place. Thank you!!

Gary H. Avatar
Gary H.
1 year ago - Google

In quick. Out quick. good experiance

Christopher K. Avatar
Christopher K.
1 year ago - Google

Fast and efficient. Very friendly staff.

Debbie R. Avatar
Debbie R.
1 year ago - Google

I had second thoughts on coming to an urgent care setting... but a friend of mine encouraged me to go! I am so glad I did! Everyone was so nice and the cost effective convenience of filling prescriptions there was amazing! If need be... I would not think twice about returning! Thanks so much!