Newnan Urgent Care

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Newnan Urgent Care
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Tim W. Avatar
Tim W.
1 week ago - Google

Took my daughter here for a sports physical, excellent service!

JANIE L. Avatar
1 week ago - Google

Very professional, and I already feel better

Cynthia O. Avatar
Cynthia O.
2 weeks ago - Google

Had the flu and was expecting a long wait...nooe checked in..filled 1 sheet of paperwork for new year paid my co-pay sat down and made 1 text...they called me back and was triaged my 2 nurses...saw the dr...she checked me over did the flu test and to wait 15 min for results...they gave me prescriptions and then filled them there...bam less than 45 min from beginning to end...i always go there...unless I'm in a critical condition...great friendly service! Start to finish!!!

Susan D. Avatar
Susan D.
2 weeks ago - Google

We got great service with very little wait

William N. Avatar
William N.
2 weeks ago - Google

I highly recommend Summit Urgent Care especially the Newnan location. I will not go anywhere else. You are quickly greeted, processing information and seen right away. The staff is very pleasant and concerned. I’m confident of the doctors and have never received nothing but the best and accurate care.

Margaret K. Avatar
Margaret K.
2 weeks ago - Google

Prompt, caring, and knowledgeable

Kim C. Avatar
Kim C.
2 weeks ago - Google

A slight wait time but well worth it. More timely, compassionate and friendly than our local hospital ER. They were able to fill 2 out of the 3 prescriptions on premises. Glad they're in my neighborhood.

Joe C. Avatar
Joe C.
2 weeks ago - Google

Always very kind, courteous, thorough, & pretty speedy too! Even when it's busy they get you in and out in a very reasonable time frame.

Dawn A. Avatar
Dawn A.
2 weeks ago - Google

Always efficient, always thorough!

Nancy J. Avatar
Nancy J.
2 weeks ago - Google

Wait time was excellent, was in and out with no issues. They work as a team to make sure you are getting excellent care.

Laurie F. Avatar
Laurie F.
3 weeks ago - Google

It was a wonderful experience. The nurses, dr's and staff were all very friendly and concerned about my health. They were also very efficient in processing me to get in to see the dr and all they needed to do. I left there wishing they could be my actual doctors and nurses.

Robert M. Avatar
Robert M.
3 weeks ago - Google

Thanks for the efficient processing of me as a new patient. Everyone was friendly. I will note that the PA who helped me seemed to be in a hurry and we didn't communicate well causing her to need to return a second time to straighten out my med prescription. But overall my visit there was good and would not hesitate to come again as I may have need.