East Point Urgent Care

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East Point Urgent Care
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Roshunda M. Avatar
Roshunda M.
1 year ago - Google

Very professional staff and outstanding bedside manner. I went in for a pulled muscle and was unable to move without help. They were very helpful and handled me with the utmost care.

Elaine L. Avatar
Elaine L.
1 year ago - Google

My three time experience and each time was wonderful. Starting with the receptionist ending with the visit with the dr or Np. Everyone is so personal and professional. I love the text message follow ups. And they are diligent about the wait times being kept to 10-20 minutes. I've found my new urgent care.

Helene M. Avatar
Helene M.
1 year ago - Google

I was very pleased with the service. There was no wait time at all so that was great!

Michael P. Avatar
Michael P.
1 year ago - Google

I visit this urgent care center at least once a year for my annual biometric screening. This time I was actually in pain. The P.A., Annie if I'm not mistaken, was phenomenal. Jessica at the front desk was so personable and helpful. I recently visited Piedmont Urgent Care in Alpharetta that came no where close to Summit in East Point ‍♂️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️

Jamie M. Avatar
Jamie M.
1 year ago - Google

I came in 37 weeks pregnant with concerns about having ththe flu and I was in and out in an hour. The doctor was friendly and listened to my concerns, talked with me about my concerns on how the flu treatment would effect my pregnancy, ran a test and got me out with care instructions. Its very clean and efficient and the staff were really friendly!

Atlanta T. Avatar
Atlanta T.
1 year ago - Google

I went to urgent care because of flu like symptoms. The staff was knowledgeable, proficiencent, and patient. The facility was clean, to include the bathrooms...

Quenterria S. Avatar
Quenterria S.
1 year ago - Google

I love this urgent care. They were fast and nice. I would recommend this urgent care to anyone...

LadyJ15 Avatar
1 year ago - Google

Very courteous and helpful. Having an in house pharmacy was really, really helpful.

Rosa B. Avatar
Rosa B.
1 year ago - Google

Professional staff & my broken wrist was well treated. They offer prescription meds, that was a convenience for me.

Tanisha B. Avatar
Tanisha B.
1 year ago - Google

Each time I went the receptionist are nice and friendly including the rest of the staff. It is always clean and you are not in there long. If you are in there for a while probably because of flu season.

coretta j. Avatar
coretta j.
1 year ago - Google

Awesome urgent care.I was very sick aith the flu.Got there ,didnt have to wait long and they took very good care of me.No loooong wait like the emergency room and staff was very friendly.

Malik A. Avatar
Malik A.
1 year ago - Google

quick and easy non emergency visit. Highly recommend and Clean.