East Cobb Urgent Care

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East Cobb Urgent Care
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Jenny S. Avatar
Jenny S.
1 year ago - Google

I have had several friends and family who rave about this facility. I got to experience it first hand early Sunday morning. Thank goodness not flu, but an ear infection and strep is almost as bad. Love that I didn’t have to wait until the pediatrician opened on Monday to start him on the antibiotics. From the front office staff to the PA to the discharge tech, I give them all 5 stars!!

Joe B. Avatar
Joe B.
1 year ago - Google

Very professional and polite staff, wait was longer than expected. I called and was told 30-45 minutes, took over an hour to be seen by a doctor.

Trip W. Avatar
Trip W.
1 year ago - Google

I went in with the flu, I cannot tell you how amazingly amazingly KIND and concerned everyone was!. From the front desk to the nurse, to the lovely Doctor who came to see me EVERYONE was so super super kind. It blew my mind. They even sent me a follow up text asking how I am and if I have any questions. JUST makes me feel so cared for! Thank yall so much for being so kind!!

Apryle B. Avatar
Apryle B.
1 year ago - Google

Very attentive and love that they check on you days later!

David G. Avatar
David G.
1 year ago - Google

They got us in very quickly. Great service!

Rod K. Avatar
Rod K.
1 year ago - Google

Although my first visit at Summit Urgent Care was for a work-related physical, I was very pleased with their professionalism and care. I will not hesitate to use them again as needed.

Holly F. Avatar
Holly F.
1 year ago - Google

Dr. Alex Camp and Nurse Jackie were informative, caring, and very genuine when I was treated on December 23rd. I even received a message 5 days after I was seen asking me how I was feeling. I was very satisfied with the service and would highly recommend them to anyone!!!

S C. Avatar
S C.
1 year ago - Google

Service was quick and polite. I was in and out with my 3 year old son. As always they we're friendly & helpful.

Anne A. Avatar
Anne A.
1 year ago - Google

Quick, compassionate treatment

Mary L. Avatar
Mary L.
1 year ago - Google

This is a hidden treasure! After reading positive reviews I visited this urgent care for the first time December 27, 2019. After signing in it was a very short time before I saw nurse Jackie who was very efficient and made me feel good. Very soon Dr. Angela Hayes reviewed my problem and took care of me. She took her time and explained what I should do until my follow-up visit Dec 30. My follow up visit was just as great - did not wait long and the PA (sorry I did not get her name) took care of me. I have to travel from Marietta (near Wellstar) to Summit but it is well worth the trip. I would recommend this urgent care and certainly in the future will travel there.

Sherry G. Avatar
Sherry G.
1 year ago - Google

Despite the longer than expected wait, it was great. It was Dec.23 in the evening and other places had triple the wait time. It’s nice that they offer the purchase of meds at the clinic.

Lora V. Avatar
Lora V.
1 year ago - Google

Great experience considering I was on vacation, visiting family from another state. They gave me what I needed for quick recovery and I didn't even have to go to a pharmacy. They also took my insurance which was impressive. Some places in my own city don't even accept my insurance.