LaGrange Urgent Care

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LaGrange Urgent Care
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Jordon R. Avatar
Jordon R.
9 months ago - Google

This urgent care always goes above and beyond for my family! They have been a Godsend for our community. The providers, the nurses, the office staff, EVERYONE there is so amazing and makes each experience wonderful at times when you might not feel so wonderful. Thank you SUMMIT! ❤️❤️❤️

Zelda K. Avatar
Zelda K.
9 months ago - Google

Beautify space. Each person at every encounter were personable, friendly and helpful. Enjoyed this visit.

Wanda H. Avatar
Wanda H.
9 months ago - Google

I had type A flu. Was in and out in no time. Great staff from front desk to Doctor. Thank you for getting me well. Please visit you will be please. I got my meds on site

Veronica P. Avatar
Veronica P.
9 months ago - Google

Very clean, fast, kind hearted staff and providers!

Margaret F. Avatar
Margaret F.
9 months ago - Google

Very impressed with the speed and cleanliness. Not the personal touch of a primary care provider, but good in a pinch outside normal operating hours.

Melissa B. Avatar
Melissa B.
9 months ago - Google

Very pleased with the staff, cleanliness and care we received here. I would definitely recommend Summit and will go back here when needed!

Paula A. Avatar
Paula A.
9 months ago - Google

Very please with my visit. I did not have to wait very long and was in and out in a reasonable amount of time.

Connie S. Avatar
Connie S.
9 months ago - Google

Very friendly staff. Extremely clean. In and out quickly.

sandrico h. Avatar
sandrico h.
9 months ago - Google

The doctor and staff were very friendly and helpful i didn't feel like i was been rushed or ignored i was very pleased with them keep up the great job!

jonnysidecar Avatar
9 months ago - Google

Was able to pre register before my visit. They were open Christmas morning and that was a life saver. Very friendly and professional. Big bonus is they can fill your prescription right there. Eat it CVS!!!

Scott S. Avatar
Scott S.
9 months ago - Google

quick service...everyone moved at a rapid place as if they wanted me not hold me up ..all were pleasant..diagnosis was correct and the corrective measures have worked as I'm feeling much better

Mary C. Avatar
Mary C.
9 months ago - Google

The whole staff did such a fabulous job! I will definitely visit this facility again. I was even able to fill my prescriptions there on Christmas Eve without having to go to the pharmacy. Talk about convenience.