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I arrived at 8:15, filled out very reasonable paper work, moved to the examining room by 8:30, saw the doctor and paid my bill. Out by 9:15! Personnell was very accommodating and the doctor seemed knowledgeable and concerned. Considering how I felt, it was a very pleasant experience.
Elizabeth Cowles
19:15 14 Feb 18
Saw me almost immediately; the attending Doctor and Nurses were very friendly and professional and I was able to get in and get out within 30-45 minutes without ever being there before (meaning filling out the minimal paperwork beforehand). The Doctor that saw me was quick to listen and diagnose and write a prescription quickly and accurately and was understanding to my limited funds and had generic prescriptions that were affordable. I will definitely be choosing to come here again if I need to. Very clean space, conveniently located across the street from a Walgreens as well.
Ellen Stark
00:55 13 Feb 18
The facilities were not fancy but clean. Front desk was efficient and polite. The medical staff concerned and not rushed. The wait was less approximately 15 minutes.
D Hase
18:24 02 Feb 18
Good experience. Liked the doctor and nurse. I had an unusual situation, but they listened, chose some good meds, gave me a couple of shots, and I was a much better person walking out than in.
David Linebaugh
03:11 02 Feb 18
Went in mid-morning Wednesday with what I suspected was the flu and was quickly seen, diagnosed, treated and only my way in 30 minutes! Professional, friendly staff and a convenient location. Will be back when needed!
Gordon M
01:31 27 Jan 18
Visit exceeded all expectations. Staff were attentive and polite. Physician was very competent and demonstrated excellent "bedside manner". I will definitely return here next time I need similar services.
Harry Porter
21:58 22 Jan 18
It is never fun to be sick, but it was so refreshing to be seen by such a pleasant team of professionals from start to finish. The receptionist, R.N. and Physician were all very friendly and even apologized for the wait (even though it wasn't that long!). I will definitely choose this location again and will recommend it to others in need! Thank you for a great experience!
Leigh Ann Gantt
19:18 04 Jan 18
I was met by a smiling receptionist, my wait time was about 10 minutes, the nurse was friendly and seemed concerned, and the doctor took time to listen to me. I'd recommend this facility to anyone. Clean and bright.
Charlotte Fields
15:30 29 Dec 17
I was seen quickly on a weekend, and started feeling better within hours of my departure from the clinic. (Only delay was waiting for pharmacy to open on a Sunday morning.) This experience came after 2 other doctors who treated me in the preceding days either misdiagnoses- or mistreated- my chest congestion issues. Will visit here again.
Angela Massie
14:51 19 Dec 17
We are new to the area and this facility was close to our house and highly rated.In fast. Great staff. Received the best ever explanation of my daughter's asthma and how the respiratory system works. Highly recommend.
Francisco Manrique
16:06 16 Dec 17
Excellent service. Great care. Dr. Recasens and the staff was all professional. I had a less than 10 minute wait and they followed up with me by phone days later. I was also a cash customer and the rate was very reasonable.
Clifford Dike
17:20 20 Nov 17
I had been to this facility before under a different name. I can say it is vastly improved. I was treated very well and had the kind of treatment that calmed me and help me deal with my illness. They were warm and professional at the same time. I will be using their services for all of my relevant healthcare needs from now on.
Michael Tenery
03:21 08 Nov 17
Dr. Goss (I think I have her name right) is great. I came in with bronchitis after a cold, and I had been sick for almost a week. Most urgent care doctors are just trying to make sure you'll survive until you can see a GP, and send you on your way. She really took the time to try to narrow down the source of my many respiratory symptoms and find what would actually cure my illness, while carefully considering my medical history, rather than just giving me something to get me through a few more days.The staff was very efficient. I was fortunate that they weren't busy. I highly recommend Summit.
Heather Humphreys
18:10 31 Oct 17
Dr. Moon was very attentive to my need. He showed patience and concern about my condition. The nurses were very kind and efficient, and so was the entire staff. if I have any more urgencies in the future, they earned my trust.
Jacquelyn Cleveland
16:37 06 Oct 17
I was in a lot of pain but was prepared to wait as long as needed to see a physician. I was only there for a short period of time before I was called in to see the doctor. She was both nice and sensitive to my needs. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone needing urgent care.
Suzie Jones
01:54 19 Sep 17
My trip to urgent care was better than I expected. The staff was attentive and courteous from the moment I walked in the door until the moment I left. My wait time was less than the time I spend at my Dr office. The Dr and medical staff listened to my needs, made an evaluation and gave me the help that I needed. I am very grateful that I was able to find this medical staff at a time that I needed help.
Grace Barron
20:15 06 Sep 17