Respirator/Fit Testing

Flu Clinic

A respirator protects the wearer against toxic atmospheres, allowing them to breathe with reduced exposure to respirable toxins. But before an employee uses
a respirator, they must complete a medical examination and respirator fit test.

The respirator fit test will start with a medical evaluation, where the physician will review the completed questionnaire and provide the employee and employer with a written recommendation.

The physician’s recommendation will cover three things:
• Whether the employee is medically able to wear the respirator, and if they
have any medical limitations for using it
• Whether the employee requires any follow-up medical evaluations
• A statement saying the employee and employer have been provided with a
copy of the recommendation

If the employee is cleared to wear a respirator, they will go through one of two fit
tests: a qualitative fit test or a quantitative fit test.
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