Tips to Avoid Back Injuries

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More than 20 million Americans suffer from back pain. After the common cold, back pain is the second most common cause that Americans call in sick, costing businesses as much as $100 billion every year. With the goal of preventing this all-too-common ailment, Summit Urgent Care offers tips on avoiding back injury.

“The back is a complex structure with many delicate parts. But with some common sense — including proper lifting, good posture and exercise — it’s possible to avoid common back pain,” said Dr. Paul C. McCormick, director of the Spine Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center and professor of neurosurgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.


  • Make sure the object is properly balanced and packed correctly so the weight won’t shift when lifted.
  • Maintain proper posture with back straight and head up. Use your legs to lift.
  • Never twist. Keep the shoulders in line with the hips and face the object. Pivot at the hips, not the back.
  • Look before you lift to make sure you know where you’re going to place the object.

Exercising, Stretching and Good Posture

  • Regular cardiovascular exercise will make injury less likely.
  • Do stretching and strengthening exercises to increase back and abdomen flexibility.
  • Maintain good body weight and don’t smoke.
  • Maintain good posture, even while sitting. Don’t slouch or hold your head too far forward. Hold in your belly to keep it from putting excess force on the spine.
  • Sleep on a mattress that is firm, not sagging, but not too hard. Do not sleep on your stomach.

The Summit Advantage       

Communication is the key – our doctors perform facility tours to understand job duties and functions.  Additionally, listening to the patient but talking with the employer to determine how the injury occurred is the key to rapid outcomes and full employment status.

Summit Occupational Medicine will be your first line of treatment for back related injuries. Our doctors have years of experience in the Occupational Health field. This means they know how to properly assess each injury and make decisions based on facts. This is good news for your business. After more than 20 years of treating injured employees, Dr. Barry Morgan realizes that not all patients are forthright in there description and account of the incidents that led to the injury.  These experiences have led our physicians to be more fact focused and almost detective like in nature.

Most of our clients appreciate that our doctors don’t order physical therapy too liberally, we’re also not owned by any orthopedists and we are not motivated to refer to orthopedists unless our physicians think that care is necessary. Most importantly, you can be assured your employees are getting the best possible care with rapid return-to-work programs designed to minimize your company’s exposure. 

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