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Board-certified Doctors at Viaqx and Physician Assistants to treat a range of urgent care and primary care medical needs.

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4.9 stars out of 17,000+ Reviews

This place is amazing. I got in and out with filled prescriptions in 45 minutes. The staff are all wonderful. Certainly made a great experience. Highly recommend.
Amanda Dixon
20:29 02 Dec 19
The staff is sooooo amazing and friendly. You can get everything you need at their office. Great one stop shop with excellent care. In and out super quick!
Bethany Brown
21:23 27 Nov 19
The entire visit took half an hour, and i was able to get my prescription on-site within minutes. The nurses were pleasant and Nurse Practitioner Emily Faulkner was incredibly pleasant and thorough! After visiting several Summit locations, I recommend Summit over any other urgent care.
Lacey Turner
16:13 24 Nov 19
I went to Summit Urgent Care early in the morning for upper respiratory problems. They were fast, efficient, and very kind. I appreciated the thoroughness with which they checked me out! Renee Nestrick
Gary Nestrick
23:08 21 Nov 19
Staff is always friendly. Never have to wait to long. In and out very quickly. Staff is always friendly.
Cynthia Carter
12:45 20 Nov 19
STEPHEN & GABY FROM THE URGENT CARE AT THE SUMMIT FACILITIES IN NEWNAN, GA 30265 ARE TWO OF THE MOST GENUINELY KIND, UNDERSTANDING, COMPASSIONATE, HELPFUL, AND KNOWLEDGEABLE HUMAN BEINGS/HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS I HAVE EVER KNOWN, AND I AM THE DAUGHTER OF A M.D. (I.E. I HAVE MET MANY, MANY, MANY HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS IN MY LIFETIME). Their compassion was refreshing and extraordinary in a world filled with the ordinary. They did much more than they needed to do to help, and they went the extra mile! If you are reading this, please know that Stephen and GABY are the best of the best, as I would recommend them for absolutely everyone. What a wonderful part of our community!! Thank you, Stephen and Gaby!! You’re awesome!! You made a difference in our lives.
N Nice
23:49 19 Nov 19
Went in the other day. Not a long wait. Front desk folks friendly and efficient. PA Michael Anderson was very thorough and also very personable. He clearly spoke about the issue and the actions he was taking. While he worked on my injury he was very pleasant and conversational yet still very professional.
John Merz
20:56 16 Nov 19
I love this place. Never a long wait. Staff is very nice. Love that they can fill prescriptions on site.
Gina Smith
18:57 30 Sep 19
My daughter was not feeling well, we just moved here to Newnan and haven’t found our pediatrician yet. We chose to go to Summit Urgent Care and it was excellent! We were seen quickly and we had great service from everyone we encountered!!
Jessica Kirkland
19:42 20 Aug 19
Great place, great service, low price! Each staff member I talked to made sure I was aware of the financial side of things at each step, making sure I was aware of the cost for a specific service and making sure I consented to it. They were all very helpful, and I was seen decently soon, even though it was close to close. Summit was a great help for me when my paycheck hadn't hit and my new insurance hadn't kicked in yet, 10/10, would recommend!
Lucian Bunting
00:00 17 Aug 19
Top notch service. All clinic personnel is friendly & knowledgeable. Been using Summit for years, for myself & my Family. Very pleased with this organization
John Davis
20:08 16 Aug 19
The facility was very well organized and efficient. The staff were super. Very concerned and friendly. Overall, the problem which brought us here was effectively addressed in a very professional manner. I would return here without hesitation knowing I would receive top rate care.
Kay Moore
23:38 11 Aug 19
Short wait and pleasant staff. Attending NP was great and I was able to get my meds there and not have to make another stop when I wasn’t feeling well. My son went the following day and had the same experience. Will definitely go back when needed.
Diana Ortiz
01:55 07 Aug 19
I am new to Newnan, and I do not yet have a regular doctor. I felt horrible, and several work friends recommended I go to Summit. All of the employees and medical staff were so friendly and genuinely cared about me. I will definitely go back if needed and will recommend them!
Lauren H.
22:15 30 Jul 19
I have visited Summit Urgent Care in Newnan several times in the past few years for different reasons and each time, including this visit, I have had a great experience. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. Very thankful to have such a great place to rely on when a family member or I don't feel well.
Jenny Bellamy
19:05 23 Jul 19
Very happy with the services I received from check in through Dr visit. PA Megan Langohor was very easy to talk to and I didn't feel judged or dismissed by her in the way my primary Dr makes me feel at times. My exam was thorough and very professional.
Donna Hay
18:10 19 Jul 19
Great place. Super nice staff. Very convenient, one stop visit, they even filled my meds. Thank you so much
Sunny Lesley
00:12 17 Jul 19
Short wait, great facilities, wonderful caregivers. Efficient, effective, my first choice and go-to for most of my medical needs! Always satisfied every time.
Jonathan Lawson
11:21 16 Jul 19
What a great experience! This group is really top notch.. I would recommend them to anyone. They are timely, friendly, professional, helpful.. followed up in 3 days. Called back immediately if I had any questions or needed help. I had a nasty case of acute bronchitis, possibly going into pneumonia while my regular doctor was on vacation. They were amazing and got me back on my feet and feeling much better within week. I still have it , but it's very manageable now, and I feel sooo much better . Thank you, Guys!!!
Wendy McCleary
20:29 15 Jul 19
Couldn't get an appointment with my Dr. for 3 days.. ran over to the Summit after work and was in and out within 30 minutes or so. Everybody was nice and helpful. Great experience.
Brian Kilby
18:36 09 Jul 19
There is always ease of check-in, very courteous and kind staff and prompt! I would highly recommend Summit Urgent Care in Newnan for all your non-life threatening immediate medical care needs.
Pamela Vaughn
18:48 22 May 19
Check in to checkout was less than one hour. With prescriptions filled! The entire process was professional efficient and very friendly. Fabulous experience. I highly recommend their healthcare services.
Robin Thompson
14:13 19 May 19
Went in to have a deeply buried splinter removed from my finger. Walked right in and within 20 minutes I was seen by the physician. After a quick procedure, splinter was removed and i was on my way home. Everyone was very courteous and took care of my needs very professionally. Even got my meds there at a very reasonable price so I did not have to make another trip to the pharmacy. Thank you!
Zack Floyd
19:12 10 May 19
I've been twice in the past few weeks for different things. I have a lot going on right now and don't know from one minute to the next if I can get away for an appointment with my regular doctor.Although my copay for urgent care is more than my primary care physician, it is worth it to me. The staff and doctors are great and I was in and out fairly quickly.
Teresa King
19:15 01 May 19
Sunday morning visit, registered, triaged and in a room in 10 minutes, saw a PA, got my prescription and was in the car headed home in less than 30 minutes from the time I walked in the door. Exceptionally well-run with lots of efficient, friendly staff. This is infinitely better than trying to get an appointment with my primary care physician for an urgent need.
Tana Hochler
18:16 04 Apr 19
I am so glad that I chose this facility. The staff was so nice and professional when I arrived. Also, the wait was very short ( less than 5 minutes) which is awesome. The doctor was kind and explained my diagnosis to me really well. He was also patient enough to answer all my questions. Wish this location could be my primary care.
Mechelle Gillett
20:25 28 Mar 19
This is my second time going to Summit Urgent care and both times have been great experiences. If you can't get to your regular doctor or not feeling well, try out Summit urgent care. BTW, my first visit I was referred to the ER because I was having pain in my stomach. The next day I had an emergency appendectomy. If they had not referred me to the ER, I would have never known. Everyone from the front desk to the discharge nurse is super nice, helpful and understanding.
Shanta Hamm
18:08 11 Mar 19
I came into Summit Urgent care for a quick TB test necessary for starting school. The girls were quick and efficient and made sure I knew when to return to have it checked. I will definitely use Summit Urgent Care again.
Rebecca Thrasher
22:04 01 Mar 19
Been sick for a couple of days and finally went to Urgent Care to see what it is and what needed to be done about it. The waiting room was (semi) quiet and clean. The doctors (Elizabeth?) and nurses (Erica?) were super nice, helpful, understanding, asked great questions, walked me through the medication, were polite, professional and courteous. I would absolutely go here again, and recommend it to anyone in the neighborhood that needs quick (non-emergency) medical attention.
Timothy Caugh
19:46 19 Feb 19
This as always was a pleasant visit. For every need they display it. So quick and thorough each and every staff member. I am pleased with this facility and faculty. Thank again as always for meeting my crazy schedule and always with a smile. Thanks again till next visit....
mike nagi
23:56 18 Feb 19
This is the only place I will go if someone in my family is sick or needs care. Summit Urgent Care is the best facility I have ever been to. They take care of their patients like no other. I've never had a bad visit.
Sue Toney
19:10 08 Feb 19
Excellent service, greeted promptly and very professional. Answered a few questions, provided insurance info, filled out paper work and was taken back to examining room in under 15 minutes. A short wait until PA came in to examine me, listened very intently and spent a lot of time discussing My symptoms, I cannot say how well I was pleased with my entire visit. I was diagnosed and prescribed 3 prescriptions in which they filled before I left. A very good visit that took just under an hour, I will definitely use them again and highly recommend them when needed.
Bill Shelton
19:17 07 Jan 19
i good experience, fast and pretty efficient. Unfortunately the strips and glue only lasted 3 days and a stitch would have pulled the ends together much better. Now I have a gaping hole to fill in. Everyone was pleasant and the whole experience lasted less than a half hour.
Kathleen Dooley
14:36 02 Jan 19
Excellent service at check in. Very efficient. Wait was very short in comparison to most of my experiences even with an appointment. Care received was very thorough...they listened to my multiple problems and handled each one individually. They really listened to what I had to say and did a fantastic job taking care of each issue. I left there feeling accomplished, which usually never happens coming from a doctors office. Very impressed.
Debra Deiters
01:24 01 Jan 19
I have been here several times for after hours care, the staff is staff is always courteous and thorough, care is always prompt and efficient. It is a blessing to know they are close by when needed. This time I cut my finger while cooking, they quickly assessed the wound and stitched it right up, so much faster and affordable that going to the ER. Thanks Summit Urgent Care for being there and for being AWESOME
Linda Ocampo
19:05 28 Dec 18
We were on vacation in Peachtree City when my daughter started getting sick. Summit is awesome. Great staff, doctor was very thorough and can fill your prescription on premise! Highly recommend them.
Christina Weinhofer
19:06 27 Dec 18
Very friendly staff. I have always been treated great here. And the pricing is very fair. They take all kinds of insurance. They will even fill your prescription before leaving if you don't want to wait on going to the pharmacy. Top rated!
Marian McGhee
03:02 27 Nov 18
Fast in, fast out. Great crew from the front desk, to the back door. All that I met while there were courteous, friendly and professional.....the whole package. Would not hesitate to recommend the Summit on 34 to friends and family. Great job!
Wanda Caldwell
16:41 20 Nov 18
I have been going to Summit Urgent Care for years, since I was very young. The service has never changed. They staff here is ALWAYS extremely helpful and sensitive to any needs. Even though I’m sick or injured when I come, I always leave with a peace of mind, knowing that I’ve been treated with the best quality service available. Never any questions, and if I do have any, they’re just a phone call away. The doctors have never steered me wrong. I have full faith in them, which in my opinion, is sometimes hard to come by. If you’ve got anything wrong and can’t get in to see your PCP, go here. They will definitely take care of you.
Wonderful Raspberry
00:23 20 Nov 18
As ill as I felt it was the most pleasant experience. They were extremely kind and caring to me and that made me feel better and then they filled my prescriptions there so I got to go straight home. So thankful💖💖💖
renee perkins
11:40 14 Nov 18
Had to be swabbed for flu. The sweet RN did a great job. The took great care of me with the kindest of attitudes. Love it,
21:03 13 Nov 18
All around great experience. Very appreciated considering the reason you are there is less than ideal circumstances. Super friendly and concerned staff that work hard to get you in and out so you can resume your schedule. Thumbs up!
Kevin Snell
17:07 12 Nov 18
Phenomenal! I went in March because of a stomach bug, and the staff was really caring. Last night we took our son in to be seen, and everyone was so nice and provided exceptional care! Shout out to Carmen, Steven, and the cute blonde check out girl for loving on our boy and helping him feel better.
Maggie Porter
19:45 09 Nov 18
We drive past 3 other urgent care centers to come to this one. The staff is friendly, they always see us quickly and we always have a great experience. They take their time with us and don’t just hurry us out the door. Highly recommend :). And no, we are not affiliated and we don’t even know anyone that works there :).
Amanda Van Horn
19:08 05 Nov 18
I can't describe how wonderful and amazing this place is. I had severe abdominal pain, so I went to the one ER in the city and they refuse to do any kind imaging or provide anything that can help with the pain (this was because they had problem verifying my insurance benefits). So I google different ER like facility nearby an came across Summit Urgent Care. They didn't even care that if had insurance or not, and I was seem almost right away (due to severe pain), then I did in the ER. They quickly arranged a CT scan at a near by Outpatient Imaging Center and provided medication as soon as they received the radiologist's report. I can't thank them enough, for helping me during my medical emergency!
Asif Kotadiya
22:02 22 Oct 18
I visited on 10/11/18 with an awful cough. I was told I had bronchitis and was prescribed 3 medications. I revisited on 10/15/18 because I was worse and they did a chest x-ray which showed I didn't have pneumonia which was great news. They prescribed me with different medications and with-in 24 hours I was feeling much better. The staff were very kind and professional on both visits. I recommend summit urgent care for your urgent care needs.
Alison Tate
13:40 17 Oct 18
I could not have asked for a more compassionate caring group beginning with the receptionist and continuing with the PA and Nurses that helped me. They even were able to get me a same day follow-up appointment with the specialist.
Ken Rose
18:08 15 Oct 18
This is a great urgent care facility. Everyone here is so kind, professional and caring. The doctors and nurses make you feel like you are their most important patient . Thanks for being in Newnan!
Britt Cox
18:53 02 Oct 18
Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. Also have great hours! I have been numerous times for different issues and have always had a good experience. The staff is so compassionate.
Megan Bryan
18:12 27 Sep 18
Once again the service was great at the Summit Urgent care facility. I was helped very quickly and the staff was very helpful. The cost of my prescription was reasonably priced and I did not have to make a special trip to the Drug store and wait around for them to fill the prescriptions. Great job.
Ricky Stephens
18:24 24 Sep 18
My 6yr old is terrified of going to the dr.. unless she knows we are going here. My husband took her in this morning for an earache. They were in and out in under an hour. My daughter was happy going in, and happy coming out. Everybody at the facility is so friendly and helpful and professional. We never hesitate to go to the Summit for anything!
Melissa Watson
15:37 17 Sep 18
Dr. Barry Morgan is an excellent and exceptionally smart physician as my wife met him years ago when he was contracting with the city and county. Dr. Morgan picked up immediately on the symptoms of the immense pain she had and diagnosed it has Trigeminal Neuralgia. My wife had been to several other doctors but they just said it was a "toothache and would go away!"Dr. Morgan's diagnosis was confirmed by a neurologist and a neurosurgeon......although Dr. Barry may be behind the scenes now, this Urgent Care facility was started by a very intelligent physician who wanted to provide the best in health care.
Charlie Baker
16:47 14 Sep 18
I’m sure like many others there that day, I was not feeling my best and the last place I wanted to be was urgent care. Everyone from the front desk staff to the last person you speak with made the visit very easy. I love that you offer certain medications in office. It took all the hassle out of standing in line at one more place while you’re sick. Everything is very efficient and everyone was kind and listened to me.
Rachel Hubbard
23:15 10 Sep 18
Dr was very quick and made my daughter feel like he really cared. Office staff SUPER friendly and efficient. We were in pretty close to closing time, but they were just as kind as could be and we really appreciate how well they took care of her.
Jessica Epps
19:44 10 Sep 18
We went in after 7:30pm did a minimal amount of paperwork . Every one was friendly and helpful. We didn’t wait long. The doc was pleasant and kind. Diagnosed us and gave us our prescriptions quickly. We got out of there a bit before 9pm. My only complaint was the parking lot was pitch black. I had a hard time finding my car and I almost hit someone backing up because it was so dark. Change the bulbs or wait til all your clients and employees leave. Otherwise I recommend!
Autumn Johnson
23:23 31 Aug 18
Always amazing ppl just trying to help you while you are there. They really treat you like a person, and I only say that because so many medical professionals treat you like a job these days. I will continue to use this practice for my whole family.
Summit Urgent care is quick, amazingly courteous, and professional. They are a perfect example of how health care in the United States should actually run. If my insurance would allow it, I would ditch my general practitioner and only go to Summit. A huge thank you to the entire staff at Summit.
Aaron Norford
02:07 26 Aug 18
My fiance was in severe pain & was reluctant to go for treatment.... I've worked in healthcare for almost 20 years & I was "very" impressed with the treatment he received... The staff was not only professional, they were polite as well. The environment was clean, inviting & pleasant overall. Their check-in process is quick and seamless... I'm glad to have such an establishment in my community!
Maria Rowland
22:22 15 Aug 18
Very nice, friendly service. I did not recieve the same speed some other reviewers have mentioned, but it looked like the office was just very busy on this day. What I did appreciate was that they have a lot of medications on site. I was in town for barely 36hrs and was happy to get antibiotics immediately vs re-boarding a plane contagious!
Brittany Smith
20:17 24 Jul 18
My doctor's office was closed on a Friday afternoon when I thought I had a blood clot; Summit Urgent care was open. They are a walk-in urgent health care provider. After registration, I sat and waited for maybe five minutes. I was unexpectedly surprised by how quickly they were able to see me! I was escorted back to have my vitals taken and a review of my symptoms. I was taken to a room where very soon I saw a nurse and soon thereafter, a Physician's Assistant. Both seemed very knowledgeable and asked questions about my condition. They did a test and scheduled an ultrasound at another facility that is close by. I was impressed by their expertise and concern for me. Their explanations were understandable and relevant. All went well! I was also impressed that I received a call from them later that evening to check on me. I also received a second check up call on Sunday! What a wonderful and caring staff! I was very impressed! I will return there if there's ever a need. I would highly recommend them, as well!
Cindy Clough
22:24 02 Jul 18
Took myself and my son there for flu symptoms. We’re seen immediately with smiling and caring faces. Felt comfortable and understood. Felt well cared for and got us out of there quick with medicine. Thank you! Highly recommend !
Jeremiah Hadwiger
18:48 25 Jun 18
Summit Urgent care is phenomenal. The staff genuinely cares. I have used them since my children were so young and now they are bringing my grandchildren here. I continue to trust them and will continue to use them.
Elizabeth Kovarik
00:44 19 Jun 18
Very impressed with care we received Wednesday 6/13/18. We had visited 2 pediatric urgent care centers that couldn't help us and directed us to the ER. We waited in the waiting room for about 5 minutes. Doctor and another nurse helped keep my son still, comfortable and laugh while injecting numbing medication and placing 4 staples for a head laceration. They even had a little treasure box for doing so good for the kids to pick a little toy. Way to go guys!
Rachel Landrum
17:25 16 Jun 18
Took my grandson to Summit Urgent Care because he spiked a fever of 103 degrees at the daycare. I call Summit and to my surprise a very nice pediatric PA saw him within minutes of checking in. A full work up was done and thank God everything was negative. This is a very efficient and reliable place to visit when you are sick or your loveones are. Great work Summit practitioners!
Pat Grant
23:50 14 Jun 18
My horse injured my foot, so I went for an x-ray. Check in was easy and quick. Everyone from the front desk to the PA and X-ray tech were very nice, professional and efficient. Wait time was minimal.😀
Alicia Klenk
23:01 13 Jun 18
Everyone who works there, from check-in staff to release staff, is professional and attentive to your needs. Everything is clean and neat. As I was leaving, I actually saw one of the front desk staff sanitizing each chair and table in the wait area. They filled my prescription right there in less than 10 minutes. Thank you.
Raquel Velez
18:59 13 Jun 18
I went to Summit on April 6, Friday, late afternoon with a severe headache and vomiting. The PA who saw me saved my life. He would not let me leave until he and the staff found an MRI location that would see me. Turned out, I have a blood clot in my head, a Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis. I was on the verge of having a severe stroke. I'm 45 years old, no underlying factors, this came out of nowhere. Thanks to him, and I hate that I can't remember his name, I am still here! I have always loved Summit, have always been treated with kindness by ALL the staff, and this just solidifies my feelings. I hope you can find out who this young man was and give him the credit he deserves for saving my life. They even continued to check on me for the next few days after. I'm forever thankful to you!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Tammi Yates.
Tammi Yates
11:00 24 May 18
Very courteous front desk personnel.The medical staff was friendly and very professional and helpful. Very good care. We will come back if need be.Thank you Shelly for your excellent care.
Rosicela Milla
00:39 16 May 18
I always have a good experience with Summit. The front desk staff is friendly and helpful. The waiting room is comfortable, and they have a wide screen TV displaying beautiful slideshows of nature with calming music playing. This puts me at ease. The doctors and nurses are top notch and I felt very satisfied with their medical expertise and attention to my medical complaint. To top it off, they have a pharmacy in house so you can get your prescription(s) filled during your visit.
Kathye Schattner
18:49 04 May 18
Wonderful service. The staff has always been so helpful and nice. The Doctors have listened and treated my daughter and i very nicely and always listened. I love this place. I recommend to anyone who needs to see a Dr. I have never had to wait long to see a Dr. And i filled my prescriptions their it was convenient and the prices are very reasonable. Best service around..
Susan Barnett Crowley
15:15 17 Apr 18
Summit Urgent care was great. The staff from front desk to advanced practitioners were caring, personable, and knowledgeable. They were unable to help me, but they advised I go to the ER and even called ahead for us. I would recommend Summit for any urgent care need.
Shanna Mowery
22:25 16 Apr 18
Wonderful staff, wonderful people. I went in suspecting what was wrong, even though my symptoms were not typical. I was listened to, treated with respect and kindness. I was quickly diagnosed and prescribed the meds I needed. They filled my prescription right there, and sent me on my way within 40 minutes of my walking through the door.
Anna VanSant
19:47 10 Apr 18
This was my first time ever visiting an Urgent Care Clinic. The front desk staff was very friendly and professional. The back office was proficient and had great customer service including the provider. If ever I need them again, I will visit with no hesitation. My experience was AWESOME!!!
Arnita Lawrence
13:43 28 Mar 18
Sign-in was quick and painless. Front desk staff was friendly. Waited no more than 5 minutes to be called to the back. Young lady who checked my vitals and took my info was also efficient and friendly. Waited no more than 5 minutes in exam room before being seen by PA. Also friendly and efficient. Had my necessary injection and left with my prescriptions, in and out in half an hour with all I needed.
Sonya Studt
22:53 27 Mar 18
This facility is outstanding! It is always staffed by friendly, caring folks. It is always super clean. Their goal is to be sure everyone gets in and out as quickly and safely as possible. I take my entire family here and bypass the pediatricians unless necessary. Summit Urgent Care knows how to take care of their patients, and I highly recommend them!
Diana Caldwell
22:02 27 Mar 18
Always friendly, helpful staff, short wait times, and prompt assistance. They even take the time to call a few days after your visit to follow up and make sure you're doing better and ask if the are any questions. I've been here several times for various needs and I've never felt the need to complain.
Christopher Polk
18:12 26 Mar 18
My wife and I both were "sick as dogs." Summit Urgent Care, was just that, "urgent, and caring." We got there pretty much as soon as they opened, were seen by a doctor, had our prescriptions, and were out the door to get them filled in less then 30 minutes. I've visited this facility numerous times, and would rather go here, than to my PCP. Our co-pay is only $35.00, and we are always seen in a very timely fashion. The service is great, from the staff at the front counter, all the way to the back. I've never had a bad experience when coming here.
Don Weber
11:59 22 Mar 18
I had my first visit to Summit Urgent Care recently. I cut my finger and needed stitches. They were very prompt and had me fixed up in about 20 minutes. The staff was very friendly and helpful. If I ever need urgent care in the future, I will definitely return to Summit.
Greg Harwood
18:09 20 Mar 18
The staff @ Summit Urgent Care of Newnan were all very pleasant & my wait time was minimal. I went in with a rib injury & Megan Langohr PA-C listened to my complaint/s without interruption. Both she & the x-ray tech showed compassion & provided quality care which was very much appreciated! Another great service is they quickly filled my prescription before leaving.
Ashley Matthews
11:38 08 Mar 18
Several members of our family have been to this urgent care facility. I have never experienced another urgent care with staff this good. They are timely, friendly, and highly skilled. Excellent alternative to ER!
Gwen Thibadeau
14:28 02 Mar 18
I took my 7 month old there when he was sick. They open the earliest out of all the urgent care centers in the area to start with. The wait time was short. The staff were friendly and thorough. What impressed me the most was the nurse called to follow up on my baby’s progress and also sent an email a few days later because she left a voicemail. I was so touched and thankful about how caring they were.
Chinenye Aneke
07:44 11 Feb 18
This is the best place to go if you are sick and need immediate care. Theyare very thoughtful, kind and caring. You do not have a long wait and theyhave the prescriptions right there for you to purchase. I have been sick since Christmas and after visiting the Summit I am much better in justthree days.
Linda Scott
21:39 05 Feb 18
This unit was very pleasant to visit, even when feeling poorly. Pleasant and courteous staff. Short wait time and the room was half full. Nurse and doctors attentive and knowledgeable. I feel much better now after my visit. Medications were spot on and advise for recovery well taken. Thankyou so much.
Lillie Fuse Williams
15:59 03 Jan 18
I am from out of town and needed to get into a clinic quickly. I found summit urgent care on google and the reviews convinced me this was the place to go. The staff were really helpful, nice and professional. I was in and out within an hour and the place was super busy. I can say it was the nicest walk in clinic I’ve been too, much better than where I live!
Whitney Craig
20:11 29 Dec 17
I am not usually a fan of Urgent Care Centers but my Dr was booked solid and I was miserable. I went early in the morning and was seen in less than 10 minutes. The nurse, and the PA-C were very professional and very nice. Listened to my issue, and diagnosed me. The meds were easy to get as well as instructions for use. I would highly recommend but go on off hours as they do tend to get busy. Especially during this time of year.
Jenny Pierson
19:22 28 Dec 17
This place was open on Christmas! Thank you so much. After working a 12-hour night shift feeling like death-warmed-over I was able to get the care I needed. These heroes helped me make it through the rest of the holiday. Thanks so much!
Reghan Dagley
19:41 26 Dec 17
I am always pleased with the Summit, but today they went above and beyond. After getting a shot, I began to have blood pressure issues. The nurse and PA were fantastic bringing me cool towels, Gatorade, and monitoring my blood pressure. They even let me wait in the room while my husband came to pick me up. They continued to monitor me and took me out to the car. I am feeling much better now and am so thankful they saw the signs of my blood pressure dropping before I fell etc.
Kelly Zern
19:02 23 Dec 17
Short wait and courteous front desk staff. Once I got into a room, I was seen by the doctor almost immediately. He was also very polite and efficient. Happy with my visit and likely to return to this location next time I need to be seen.
Miranda McKinley
21:04 20 Dec 17
The PA- Alison's bedside manners were absolutely great! The assisting nurses were very courteous as well. Enjoyed my experience and feel much better because of my visit!
Angelique Ware
20:46 12 Dec 17
This was a very prompt visit. I waited less than 20min to be seen. Especially when there was a lobby full of patients waiting to be seen.Without a appointment.Technicians & Physicians where very courteous & professional..!!I will not hesitate to go back..!! Highly Recommended..!!!
Paul Gardner Jr
14:02 01 Dec 17
We were traveling over Thanksgiving Holiday and my son had gotten sick. I dreaded taking him to urgent care, just thinking about the possible "long wait time". I looked up on my insurance website and Summit was closest, after going to CVS minute clinic and seeing 164 minute wait time. We were in a room, seen and discharged within an hour of arriving. The staff was courteous and professional. Very well organized facility. My son is feeling better now and all is well. Many thanks!!
Elena Brown
20:17 27 Nov 17
Every member of the staff were very helpful, and they even helped to sort out an issue that our workplace caused by setting up our annual checkups wrong. It is so refreshing to be able to work with polite, service oriented and professional individuals, that are always willing to help. Thank you once again, Summit!
Ani Matrai
03:17 14 Nov 17
We have visited Summit Urgent Care several times over the last few months and I have been telling friends and co-workers how much I like this place. They are open later than most doctors offices and it is very clean, and typically not a long wait to see a doctor. We initially visited for a sports physical, but we have also been there now for illness too. The staff is very friendly and helpful. My co-pay with insurance is less than $30, and the sports physicals are reasonably priced as well.
19:12 09 Nov 17
This was my first time using an urgent care facility. I was pleased with how efficient and friendly the staff were. I was in and out in snap. Kudos to all who helped make it happen!
Marna Young
19:53 06 Nov 17
The service was fast, friendly and professional! !! I have never been seen so quickly at and urgent care. Speed did not replace service the doctor and nurse took their to understand my issue. Did a thorough examination. I was even able to fill my prescription there. They make me want to make them my PCP!
01:55 28 Oct 17
There was hardly any wait time before being called back. I received excellent care from the PA who diagnosed my problem quickly and prescribed the exact medicine I needed. And, I was able to purchase the medicine there, saving me a trip to the drug store. Would highly recommend Summit Urgent Care when you can't get to your doctor.
Edwina Cowgill
22:48 23 Oct 17
Great service and care provided by true professionals. Can't say enough nice things about my experience. As info, a few days before this visit I went to the College Park location on a Sunday, and the College Park location also did a fabulous job. The College Park office even called me a few days after my visit to see how I was doing! Keep up the good work.
17:46 31 Aug 17